Ranking The Best Pokemon Games On Nintendo Wii

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Grab a Pokedex and put Prof. Oak on speed dial; we’re about to check out the best Pokemon Wii games of 2023!

There are so many Pokemon games out there in the world. We know this much from our article covering all Pokemon games in order, but which ones dropped on the Wii?

And more importantly, which ones are the best?

From titles where toys reign supreme to the fiercest battles the noughties ever saw, we’ve ranked the best Pokemon Wii games for you to check out.

Which title will take the Number 1 spot?

1. PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond (2011)

PokePark 2 Wonders Beyond

The results are in, and the winner of our best Pokemon Wii games article is PokePark 2: Wonders Beyond!

Pika is back, this time exploring the Park with his bezzie mate, Piplup.

Penguins do make great friends, and they’re particularly good at helping electric mice to free Pokemon trapped in cages… from what I’ve been told.

The PokePark has changed. Wish Park now holds critters that have been imprisoned, and it’s up to Pika and the gang to save the day.

PokePark 2 Wonders Beyond gameplay

The attractions that proved so popular in the first game haven’t made a return in the sequel. To be honest though, the game doesn’t need them.

The new ‘save the Pokemon’ storyline twinned with the different themed games is plenty for players to sink their teeth into.

Seeing the Pokemon working together to save their fellow pocket monsters never gets old. And the game looks fantastic too, even now.

If you fancy Animal Crossing-style areas with Pokemon reigning supreme, then grab a load of the best Pokemon game on the Wii and dive right in!

2. Pokemon Battle Revolution (2006)

Pokemon Battle Revolution

For those disappointed that Pokemon Colosseum wasn’t a direct sequel to Pokemon Stadium, then Pokemon Battle Revolution should easy your wounded soul.

3D Pokemon battles with double battles included, all with the might of the Wii’s graphics. What’s not to love?

Take your existing Pokemon from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl or chose from any of the 493 Pokemon to appear in the game franchise to this point.

Pokemon Battle Revolution gameplay

With a focus on battling through Poketopia (ace name), players compete in battle after battle until they prove themselves worthy to face the champion.

We all know the that the best bit about this game is playing against a friend though. I spent hours challenging my mates in the arena, curating the ultimate team to crush them every time.

You could also play online too using a friend code or just battle someone completely random on the other side of the globe.

Pokemon Stadium 2.0 – that’s how they should have marketed this game!

3. PokePark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure (2009)

PokePark Wii Pikachu's Adventure

A theme park run entirely by Pokemon… sounds like PokePark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure to me!

With no humans in sight, the Pokemon can really let themselves relax without the fear of being caught.

There are eight zones to explore as Pikachu plays different games and chats to his fellow critters.

Feeling like a cross between Mario Party and the Crystal Maze, this is a great title for playing solo or with mates with a couple of beers.

pokepark wii pikachus adventure

There are lots of different styles of games to choose from, including battle titles that feel like the kind of boss battles you might expect from Nintendo games, and nerdy but fun quizzes.

Test your patience in chase games, and spend berries on attractions that determine how skilful you really are.

4. Pokemon Rumble (2009)

Pokemon Rumble

How many of you remember Pokemon Rumble? This WiiWare RPG saw players jumping into real-time battle action for a change rather than the turn-based antics of the original Pokemon games.

And you’re not actually using real Pokemon, but the toy Pokemon from My Pokemon Ranch… nice little tie in, eh?

Like in the actual games, you start off with lower level Pokemon and control stronger Pokemon as you move through the story.

pokemon rumble nintendo wii

Win coins to spend on stronger monsters capable of squaring off against boss Pokemon. Fight friends in a Battle Royale and even save your toy Pokemon to your Wiimote.

That way, all you need to do is take a controller to a friends house and bring your team into the their game as though you were carrying your very own Pokeball!

5. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Adventure Team (2009)

adventure Team Wiiware

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Adventure Team comprised of three different games available through WiiWare that only released in Japan.

That makes them pretty hard to pick up in the UK. Still, if you can find a machine with them pre-installed on second-hand sites, then they’re definitely worth a look!

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Adventure Team

Understanding what’s going on might be a bit of a challenge unless you speak Japanese, but the concept is pretty much the same as the original Mystery Dungeon games.

Unlike the originals, however, players don’t play as a human transformed into a Pokemon, but rather Pokemon hanging out in a different Pokemon-inhabited area.

Encounter a total of 493 Pokemon from the first 4 generations across the three games!

6. Pokemon Snap (1999)

Pokemon Snap game case N64
image credit: nintendo

Gamer’s might be going wild for the New Nintendo Snap game for Nintendo Switch, but the 6th game in out list of the Best Pokemon Wii games takes us back to the OG adventure.

That’s right; the N64 version of Pokemon Snap was available to play on Nintendo Wii via download.

If you’ve previously bought it online, then you can always re-download again on a new Wii now that the Nintendo Wii store is back up and running too!

pokemon snap n64

We all know the score with Pokemon Snap by now; visit the Island, leave nothing but fruit, take nothing but photographs.

Instead of catching Pokemon, you’re capturing images of them to take back and show Prof Oak.

It’s nice seeing the Pokemon in their natural habitat for a change rather than in the arena, just milling about minding their own business and getting up to no good.

If you want a Pokemon game with a difference, then you’ve just found it!

7. My Pokemon Ranch (2008)

my pokemon ranch

Let’s kick things off with My Pokemon Ranch, a cutesy little game that allows Pokefans to story and organise their collection of Pokemon on the Wii.

This is one of those games where logging in every day rewards the player. In this case, you get rewarded with a new Pokemon toy every time you turn it on.

That’s the kind of motivation I need alright!

One of the great things about the ranch is that you can connect up to Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum on the DS. And as more Pokemon arrive, the ranch gets bigger and more exciting.

I’m not going to lie; there’s not much to this game. It’s basically like a less interactive version of the Chao garden on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

Still, if you like the thought of a ‘Big Brother-style; Pokemon game, then this game would have been right up your street.

If you can get hold of a Wii with the game already downloaded, then you’ll have the time of your life!

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