RetroArch Update Brings Support For One Of Nintendo’s Cutest Ever Handhelds

Pokemon Mini on RetroArch

The iPhone emulation scene has kicked off with more excitement than a funfair run by The Muppets in space, which if you know anything about me as a writer is what my ideal version of heaven would be like. We’ve had some of the biggest players in the emulation scene heading to the App Store, with Delta, PPSSPP, and RetroArch being downloaded onto iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV boxes across the land.

The arrival of RetroArch has brought with it the ability to play a plethora of different Retro Gaming systems all in one place; it’s essentially the Toy’s R Us of the emulation world with ‘everything under one roof’. From the Amstrad CPC to the Sony PSP and more, this program is allowing Apple users to play the games of their youth and new home-brew games on the go for the very first time. And if you’ve checked out my complete beginner’s guide to Apple emulators and how to use them, then you’ll know that RetroArch on the Apple TV is fast becoming the ultimate all-in-one Retro Games console.

Pokemon Mini game on A Handheld History
Learn more about the Pokémon Mini handheld in our Book ‘A Handheld History’

Your RetroArch Evolved (After An Update)

A new update has brought with it even more cores for players to load up and use for classic console emulation, with one core in particular allowing us to play classic games from the cutest handheld to come out of Nintendo HQ. The Pokémon Mini is a small little handheld that only had 10 games released for it. Only 4 of those came out in North America and 5 in Europe, so it never exactly became a household name. Still, it looks amazing and is one of our favourite handhelds in our collection.

With exciting titles like ‘Pokémon Pinball mini’ and ‘Pokémon Race mini’, it’s a fun little handheld that played actual cartridges, and now you can play those games on your phone with complete ease thanks to the Pokémon Mini RetroArch core ‘PokeMini’. It’s another reason why we love RetroArch so much; keeping games for such a unique handheld alive and in the hands of younger gamers is what Retro Gaming is all about, and we urge you to go and try these Pika-licious titles as soon as you can!

The new update has also brought support for the Nintendo DS in the form of melonDS too, as well as the Beetle NeoPop core for the Neo Geo Pocket/Color. It’s definitely an exciting time to be an iPhone user, even if the Android crowd keeps telling us they’ve had this stuff for years now. If only they could tell me that in a blue message bubble and not that annoying green one…

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