Piranha Plant Super Mario LEGO Set Is Up Next In The Production Pipeline

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A sneaky tweet from danish block giants LEGO has us all very excited. It looks like the Piranha Plant Super Mario LEGO set is the newest kit on the block, and it could be waking up in your games room very soon!

LEGO has been upping the ante at the minute with their gaming block-building sets, some of which you can check out in our best LEGO Nintendo sets and our where to buy Sonic LEGO sets.

But it seems that we’re about to get one more added to the collection in the form of the sneaky pipe-dweller that always causes us problems in Mario’s adventures!

From a cheeky silhouette to actual images of the kit itself, here’s everything we know about the Piranha Plant set!

Get Ready To Snap Up The Piranha Plant LEGO Set

This was the tweet that started it all, a teasing little shadow of one of Mario’s biggest nemesis.

Well, Bowser would probably be his biggest nemesis, but the Piranha Plant is more of an annoyance!

Still, as huge Mario fans and even bigger LEGO fans, our interests were piqued pretty quickly!

And when you see this thing in real life, it gets even better!

Ok, I’m going to say it – this Piranha Plant set looks adorable. Look at the toothy grin and the little pipe it’s sitting in.

Maybe he was just always a little misunderstood?

When Will The Piranha Plant Super Mario LEGO Set Release?

piranha plant super mario lego set - teeth

The Piranha Plant Super Mario LEGO Set is due to release on the 6th November.

The kit will include 2 coins and be made up from a whopping 540 pieces, which means that you should get a lot of bang for your buck.

Just don’t try to water it, or you’ll end up with wet bricks and a soggy floor.

Those teeth look pretty gnarly too… I just hope it doesn’t like the taste of hands!

The set is priced at £57.99/$59.99 and is already up on the LEGO US page!

Keep checking back for more information as and when we get it, and you can be sure that this is going to be making our best Super Mario gifts page before the year is out!

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