Perfect Dark Finally Returns With A New Look and Awesome Gadgets

Joanna Dark then and now in the Perfect Dark reboot

It’s been 24 years since Perfect Dark dropped onto the N64, a sentence that I hesitated writing for about 5 minutes because it forces me to admit that I’ve got older. We had a prequel in 2005 and a remaster in 2010, both on the Xbox, and apart from that, we’ve been kept perfectly in the dark about what Joanna Dark has been up to.

The reboot for Perfect Dark has been in the pipeline for a long time, giving us Metroid Prime waiting vibes. Unlike Samus’ next outing, however, we’ve finally got a trailer for Joanna’s newest title, and it looks amazing. Think Cyberpunk meets Metroid meets Dishonoured meets Tomb Raider, a recipe for gaming success if ever I heard one!

As of yet, we don’t have any idea as to when this game will release, but I’m already excited about it. From the initial reveal of Joanna through to wielding epic gadgets, pulling off parkour moves, and the stunning level designs shown in the trailer, this is definitely a title that I’ll be putting far too many hours into. Let’s hope that it has some amazing multiplayer modes too!

Rather than making this a long article, I’m just going to let the video do the talking. Sit back, grab a small bag of popcorn, (it’s only just over 3 minutes), and enjoy!

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