Nintendo Switch Accessibility Controller Lets Everyone Play Their Way

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We’ve always been huge fans of HORI and their epic controllers, and their latest Nintendo Switch Accessibility Controller has only made us think more highly of them.

HORI’s new pad follows the Adaptive Controller that Microsoft released for the Xbox and is a breakthrough in inclusive gaming, allowing everyone to play their way.

But what is the the new controller? Does it have a cool, swanky name, and how does it work?

You can find the answers to all of these questions and more below!

Checking Out The ‘Hori Flex’ Switch and Joystick Interface!

What Is The New Hori Nintendo Switch Accessibility Controller?

A closer look at the Hori Flex pad - Nintendo Switch Accessibility Controller

Here it is, folks; the HORI Flex Switch pad, their new Nintendo Switch Accessibility Controller!

From the picture above, we can see that all of the directional and selection buttons are placed neatly on the main surface of the control deck, including the L and R shoulder buttons.

It also comes with a remapping app to make your own configurations, and larger buttons and joysticks can be hooked up to make gaming accessible for everyone.

This controller can be used on a Nintendo Switch or a Windows PC, so there are plenty of ways to play!

That’s good news if you have an opinion on the best Nintendo Switch emulator or just love online gaming!

How Does It Work?

The Nintendo Switch Accessibility Controller works in the same way as a normal Joycon, bar the motion controls. Gamers have the option of pressing the buttons on the main interface or hooking up extra external buttons as shown in the featured image at the top of the page.

See those ports at the bottom? You can make your own button configurations using larger buttons too. Gamers can set up to 6 configurations at once, giving greater access to the A and B buttons or perhaps directional pads for moving left and right.

Nintendo Switch Accessibility Controller - Close up view of the ports
The Hori Flex Controller has many different modes and inputs, giving you greater control over the games you love to play, watch, or join in with!

I really love the fact that this remote can be paired with an adjustable stand too. Now, gamers who might not be able to get close to the action can still have maximum control of Link, Mario, Sonic, or that lad from Minecraft.

Where Can I Buy A Nintendo Switch Accessibility Controller?

Currently, the Nintendo Switch Accessibility Controller is set for a Japanese release only. Still, with the powers of the internet, that isn’t too much of a problem.

The unit will cost around £180 / $230, and we’ll be letting Retro Dodo readers know more about this epic bit of kit as soon as we get our hands on one!

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