New Super Mario Party Joy-Con Bundle Announced

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Nintendo of America have just unveiled a new Super Mario Party + Red & Blue Joy-Con bundle over on Twitter.

The new bundle features brightly coloured Joy-Cons in Mario’s trademark red and blue colour scheme along with a digital version of Super Mario Party.

Nintendo’s latest bundle will be available later this week, making it’s debut on the 10th November 2023. Nintendo’s Retail Offers page confirms that the bundle will be coming soon to participating retailers and offers the game and the controllers for a $39.99 value in savings.

Upon it’s original release back in October 2018, Super Mario Party sold in excess of 1.5 million copies during it’s first four weeks on sale and to date has surpassed over 19 millions copies worldwide.

A Super Mario Christmas Party

The red and blue Joy-Cons look the part although the inclusion of 2018’s Super Mario Party is a little puzzling, especially as Super Mario Party Superstars – the most recent entry into the series that remastered maps from earlier games in the series, was released back in October 2021.

Nintendo have been doubling down on the party vibes of late and recently added Mario Party 3 for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers.

The Japanese console maker seems to be gearing up for one last big holiday season with the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo have recently unveiled a new Switch bundles with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Animal Crossing: New Horizons packed in.

A further Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch OLED bundle was revealed today after a photo from US retailer Walmart made it’s existence known before Nintendo officially added the bundle to it’s Retail Offers page.

All of these new bundles indicate that Nintendo is looking to maximise the sales of it’s versatile console before the Switch successor is potentially announced and released in 2024.

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