New Nintendo Job Roles Could Be Pointing Towards GameCube On Switch Online

Gamecube with Mario dressed in a suit

When Nintendo puts up job posts for new roles, we instantly start to get excited. With time ticking down towards the announcement of the Nintendo Switch 2, speculation is already rife about what could be coming to the new console and what the new machine’s increased power could mean with regards to the Nintendo Switch Online platform.

With great power comes great responsibility, and with the increased power of the Nintendo Switch 2 as detailed in my article on all of the rumours surrounding the new console comes the responsibility of emulating Nintendo games past the N64. We are, of course, talking about the possibility of GameCube emulation finally coming to the platform. And with the job titles opening up at Ninty HQ, that notion is looking incredibly promising!

According to Stealth40K, Nintendo is in growth mode before the arrival of the Nintendo Switch 2, with their company numbers rising from 5,000 the year the Nintendo Switch dropped to 8,000 as we prepare for the new console to launch. They hired over 400 people last year alone – let’s hope that a lot of them are making sure that we have a lot of stock available for launch because no one wants a repeat of the Nintendo Wii rollout…

Back-end engineers essentially make software applications. Twinned with the Game Software Development Technical Coordinator role, we think that all of the signs above are pointing to a new arrival to the NSO Expansion Pack on Nintendo’s next device for GameCube and possibly even Wii titles. Whether this would mean a new price point or not remains to be seen; hopefully, we’ll all hear more when Furukawa gives his announcement before the end of the next fiscal year!

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