Nintendo President Confirms Nintendo Switch Successor Announcement By March 2025

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Well, we’ve spent months, years even, speculating what the Switch 2 might look like, what specs it will have, and when it might arrive. Now, after a tweet from Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa on the Nintendo Corporate page on X, we know that the console will at least be announced this fiscal year.

The fiscal year in Japan runs from the 1st of April to the 31st of March, which is a large time window for an announcement, especially since we’re only just over 1 month into that time frame as I write this article.

The Game Is Afoot!

Seb's Switch playing Spiritfarer

Let’s unpack this tweet a little more and do some speculative journalism that will both excite your eager minds and pad out my word count. The tweet goes on to say ‘We will be holding a Nintendo Direct this June regarding the Nintendo Switch software lineup for the latter half of 2024, but please be aware that there will be no mention of the Nintendo Switch successor during that presentation.’

So, that gives us a little more information to work with. We’re getting a Nintendo Direct in June, possibly to talk about the announcement of the Nintendo World Championships ESRB I spotted online the other day. But we know that the Nintendo Switch successor won’t be mentioned then, which means we’re more likely looking at the latter half of the fiscal year for an announcement.

Anniversary Patterns

The Nintendo Switch was announced back in March 2015; could this mean that the Switch 2 will also be announced in March 2025? That would still be in ‘this fiscal year’ and would mark 10 years since the announcement of the original Switch. That has a sense of ‘Nintendo flair’ to it and is something that I can imagine them doing.

It was two years before the Switch eventually came out after that announcement, dropping in March 2017. I will never forget seeing the poster for the Switch and Breath of the Wild in a tube station in London, knowing that I had the console and a boatload of accessories on the way to me for release day. So, we might be looking at a release date of 2027 if that pattern is to be repeated,

It is also possible, using my professional powers of deduction, that we might hear something in a Nintendo Direct during September, especially considering news articles on the internet stating that people have already begun making peripherals for the new machine after feeling the console but not actually seeing it. If those articles are true, then how long can Nintendo really keep this thing under wraps (quite literally).

As always, I’ll keep you updated as and when more information comes from Nintendo HQ, Furukawa, and any other leakers that provide credible information along the way. I’m going to do a round-up of all of the speculations on the Switch successor this week, but for now, rest easy knowing that the Switch 2 is officially on the way!

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