LEGO Surprises Fans With 6 New Affordable Gaming Sets All Under $30

bowser and yoshi expansion packs dropped by LEGO

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We love it when our favourite companies drop new gear for us to find, and stumbling upon some exciting new LEGO gaming sets has felt like the world’s best treasure hunt.

We’ve previously spent a lot of time covering LEGO gaming sets from Nintendo and the world of Sonic The Hedgehog, so when new LEGO sets drop at an affordable price, you know that two things are going to happen.

The first is that we’re going to order them all for our collections, and the second is that we’re going to tell you all about them so that you can do the same!

Check out the 6 new LEGO gaming sets that the Danish block giants have released below, including how much you’re likely to spend on them!

1. LEGO Super Mario Bowser’s Muscle Car Expansion Set

LEGO Super Mario Bowser’s Muscle Car Expansion Set
  • Price – £24/$30

Bowser had to be at the top of this list – we just didn’t want to consider sticking him anywhere near the bottom of such an important news article for fear that he might burn Retro Dodo Towers to the ground.

Place Bowser in the driving seat of this expansion pack and watch havoc ensue as he fires bombs at Mario and his pals.

Speaking of which, if you have a Mario, Luigi, or Peach interactive LEGO figure, then they’ll make noises when you combine them with King Koopa’s new car! How cool is that!

2. LEGO Super Mario Yoshi’s Egg-cellent Forest Expansion Set

LEGO Super Mario Yoshi’s Egg-cellent Forest Expansion Set
  • Price – £8.99/$10

I’m doing my best not to get angry that LEGO came up with this Dad joke before me, but the Egg-cellent Forest Expansion set really is a neat little piece for all of the Yoshi fans out there!

Yoshi’s love fruit, and this relaxing forest scene sees a cute yellow and pink Yoshi team working together to collect apples from a tree, with a little Yoshi egg just chilling on a plant in the background.

With your Mario figurine, you can help to protect the egg while the Yoshi’s get to work!

3. LEGO Super Mario Nabbit At Toad’s Shop Expansion Set

LEGO Super Mario Nabbit at Toad’s Shop Expansion Set
  • Price – £17.99/$20

Nabbit always has the good stuff stashed away, and now you can stomp on him to get digital items that he’s nabbed and use them for your own gain!

There are lots of items on offer for your interactive Mario, Luigi, and Peach characters to engage with too, including balloons, pizza, pretzels, and even a duck on a roller skate… because why not!

Look how happy Toad looks too; this could well be one of the best new LEGO gaming sets for putting a smile on your face!

4. LEGO Sonic The Hedgehog Shadow’s Escape

LEGO Sonic The Hedgehog Shadow’s Escape
  • Price – £18.99/$20

Eagle-eyed Retro Dodo readers will no doubt have already seen information on the Shadow’s Escape set here on the website, but now it’s available to purchase for Sonic fans everywhere!

With just under 200 pieces, it won’t take a long time to build, leaving more time for playing!

Break free from Robotnik’s lab capsule and race past the barrier before it blocks your escape, freeing the cute-little-clucky from inside the nasty Badnik in the process!

5. LEGO Minecraft The Armory

LEGO Minecraft The Armory

Price – £17.99/$20

Not many LEGO sets come with a Nether portal as standard, but I guess when Minecraft is concerned, anything goes, right?

This first of two new Minecraft LEGO sets has everything you could possibly need for playing with lava and making amazing weapons on adventures in this dimension and beyond.

Find items in your additional chest, make weapons, and try not to burn your hand on those fake LEGO torches!

6. LEGO Minecraft The Animal Sanctuary

LEGO Minecraft The Animal Sanctuary
  • Price – £17.99/$20

The final new LEGO gaming set in our list is the LEGO Minecraft The Animal Sanctuary set, complete with Efe for the first time in LEGO Minecraft history!

If I was an Animal (or a tiny Zombie in the case of this set), I would love to stay at this sanctuary. There’s a picnic spot, play area, and tonnes of food for all of your critters to eat.

And look how colourful it is too. Our little Dodo looks like he’s 100% up for jumping ship and staying in this set forever!

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