New Episodes Of Pokémon Concierge Have Entered Production

New episodes of the stop-animation Netflix series, Pokémon Concierge, have entered production at Dwarf Animation Studios.

The Pokémon Company shared the good news with fans in a post on Twitter this morning alongside some new artwork depicting series protagonist Haru crafting an adorable model Psyduck, while her muse watches on.

While no timeframe has been provided for the new Pokémon Concierge episodes, production of the first four episodes was announced in February 2023 before the show premiered on Netflix on the 28th of December 2023.

Director Iku Ogawa will be returning to helm the new episodes, continuing the story of resort concierge, Haru in the first collaboration between Pokémon and Netflix.

The Pokémon Company has also announced a Pokémon Presents showcase for next week to coincide with this year’s Pokémon Day on the 27th of February. Although unconfirmed, there’s a small chance we may learn more about the new Pokémon Concierge episodes during the new Pokémon Presents.

Returning To The Pokémon Resort

Psyduck will return in new episodes of Pokémon Concierge.
image credit: the pokémon company/netflix

The announcement of new Pokémon Concierge episodes has me wondering what adventures Haru and Psyduck will experience next.

The first series saw anxious Haru looking for a new start at Pokémon Resort after a series of stressful life events. During the four-episode series, she manages to befriend Psyduck and helps him relax, and also manages his telekinetic powers through a variety of amusing endeavours.

We were also treated to episodes dedicated to a shy Pikachu and a Magikarp who struggled to swim without a floatation device.

Haru and a shy Pikachu in Pokémon Concierge.
image credit: the pokémon company/netflix

Psyduck and Haru made an adorable pair during the first four episodes, helping each other to ‘evolve’ in addition to supporting other weary Pokémon looking for a break and some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Hopefully, we’ll get to see a greater variety of Pokémon arriving at the resort in the new episodes. Pokémon Concierge works wonderfully as a (pocket) monster-of-the-week style serial where Haru’s emotional growth coincides with each episode’s main storyline.

Here’s hoping we’ll also get to see Psyduck gaining more confidence as he embraces his friendship with Haru.

We can’t wait to find out what happens to Haru and Psyduck when Pokémon Concierge returns to Netflix in the near future!

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