Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Is The Latest N64 Game Heading To PC

Mystical Ninja starring Goeman box and gameplay

Game preservation is what’s on every retro gamer’s mind these days. With our favourite consoles getting older and pushed out by modern technology (my 4K TV doesn’t even have slots for RGB connectors anymore), gamers are continually finding ways to save nostalgic classics from falling into the ether.

We’ve seen a growing number of recompiling projects thanks to the release of N64Recomp earlier this year. Some of you will have read our recent article on Majora’s Mask heading to PC, a fact that both Zelda fans and PC gamers alike were very excited about. We said in that same article that N64Recomp could ‘potentially unlock the entire N64 library for modern users’, and it seems that that mission is already underway after spotting a video on Pirat_Nation this morning.

Mystical Ninja starring Goeman was one of my favourite N64 games; I picked it up from a second-hand gaming store not really knowing much about it and played it to death. It was so different from anything I had played before, and the visuals were stunning. Although I’d never been to Japan, as a kid playing this game it felt like the next best thing.

The Mystical Ninja starring Goeman PC port comes to us courtesy of a developer named ‘Klorfmorf’ and comes with 60fps and widescreen support, two things that modern gamers looking to revisit old titles are going to want as standard these days (square TVs are for the od-school gamers like us!). The port was first mentioned over on the Ganbare Goemon Discord Server with many users posting pictures of Mystical Ninja playing on the Steam Deck. It’s crazy to see Goeman running on such modern hardware; I bet Ebisumaru is very confused by it all!

To get this game up and running, users will need to provide their own ROM files from the Japanese release of the game to combine with the recompilation files – it only works with the Japanese release at the moment, though that may change with future updates.

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