Mysterious Unreleased Dreamcast Game Images Surface After 23 Years

farnation gameplay

I love diving into the mystery of unreleased games, the titles we heard and speculated about but never actually got to play. If you’ve read my article on the 64DD game Cabbage, then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about – it’s those games that stick in your head years after they should have been released, the constant question of ‘what could have been’ playing through your mind over and over.

That same question surrounds the Dreamcast, Sega’s swansong console that never achieved its true potential, a machine that came out at the wrong time and could have gone onto greater heights instead of falling into obscurity. And now, 23 years after an unreleased game was supposed to drop, footage of a technical demo of the game has finally come to light, which is way more than we ever got for Cabbage!

If you know your Dreamcast history, then you’ll know that there was a lot of mystery surrounding a certain MMO title called Farnation from Japanese studio Nextech. Thanks to Sega Dreamcast Info and the finder of the demo Joe Cain, we can finally see how the game would have played!

Granted there’s not too much to look at in this clip, but it’s there in the flesh, the actual gameplay of Farnation on the Dreamcast that we all thought was lost to the ether for 23 years! Joe says in the description for his video that ‘this video does not show any interactions or other exploration, but the hope is to expose more areas and content in future videos.’

For those of you who have been thinking about this game for over two decades, this little clip will either give you some closure or make your yearning to play it even more intense. And if you had forgotten about it until this moment and are now obsessed again, I can only apologise and say that I am also in the same position!

For those of you who haven’t heard about the game, check out the link in the tweet above for more information about the technical demo discovery and Farnation!

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