Konami Unveils New Metal Gear Solid Beanie Hat

Metal Gear Solid Beanie Hat

Konami have finally unveiled a new release that will certainly appease Solid Snake fans… the Metal Gear Solid beanie hat.

No, it’s not a new game featuring our favourite spy (and to be clear, we don’t need one), but instead Konami are looking to keep our bonnets nice and toasty with the new headwear themed after one of the most iconic situations from Snake’s infiltration of Shadow Moses.

Metal Gear Solid Beanie Hat
Image credit: konami

The new Metal Gear Solid beanie hat is officially called the ‘MGS Alert Fisherman Beanie’ and was revealed by Konami over on Twitter.

The black hat includes a PVC patch with ‘Alert’ artwork, as featured in Metal Gear Solid on the original PlayStation.

Elsewhere, the Metal Gear Solid beanie hat features the famous ‘!’ on a small black and red tag.

The Alert Fisherman Beanie costs $24.99 but doesn’t have a confirmed release date although pre-orders are now live with an estimated delivery date of ‘January 2023’.

I guess Konami might also be selling time-machines on their official website, either that or the estimated delivery date includes a typo and we can expect them in 2024, which feels a lot more likely.

Official Konami Shop Website
Image credit: konami

This Metal Gear Solid beanie hat isn’t the first bit of merch to come from the Japanese publisher this year. Back in October, fans could finally douse themselves in ‘Eau de Snake’ with the first ever Metal Gear Solid unisex cologne.

What A Chill…

metal gear solid

While personally I’ve never been a fan of the fisherman style hats because it’s difficult for such a small hat to cover my ridiculous hair, I definitely appreciate the styling of this little black number.

The Metal Gear Solid Beanie Hat is 100% acrylic and as it’s predominantly black, will certainly help anyone looking to to move under the cover of darkness as they infiltrate any nuclear warhead storage facilities.

If you’re looking for more merchandise inspired by the work of the one and only Hideo Kojima, then the Official Kojima Productions Store is the place for you. This store is full of all sorts of luxury items including a Death Stranding bucket hat designed by London designer Gresham Blake.

Metal Gear Solid is one of the greatest series in gaming history with the original Metal Gear Solid topping our list of the best PS1 games of all time, and now you can have a warm head and smell like the real deal too!

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