Metal Gear Solid Cologne Is Now A Thing

Metal Gear Solid – Shadow Moses Cologne

Our friends at Konami and Numskull have teamed up to answer very important gamer questions in their new promotional product: Metal Gear Solid – Shadow Moses Cologne.

It is always funny to us when companies create these kinds of sensory promotional items.

Such as the Resident Evil Flavored Soft Drink or the Sonic Scented Candles. What does Resident Evil taste like exactly? And what does Sonic smell like?

Well Numskull has decided to determine what is likely a cross between the above two – What does Solid Snake smell like?

Metal Gear Solid – Shadow Moses Cologne

With the recent release of the Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol. 1 on the Nintendo Switch, it would seem that Konami is hoping to remind us all of their classic franchise (as if we could forget!).

And as the promotional material suggests, the purpose of this new gaming scent is to offer players next level immersion. So give your room a quick spritz before jumping into the game, and feel the bliss of war.

Metal Gear Solid – Shadow Moses Cologne

The name of the unisex cologne, Shadow Moses, comes from a well known location in the game series.

To answer the important question of what scent has been chosen to represent Solid Snake and Shadow Moses, we turn to the press release from Numskull.

[T]his unique cologne opens with the crisp freshness of handpicked mushrooms and forest soil, and evolves […] to take the wearer on a sensory journey”.

The main scents are myrrh, fir balsam and patchouli with undertones of oakmoss, cedarwood, amber and musk. Should be a very masculine scent.

So, unsurprisingly, Solid Snake smells outdoorsy and super manly. I guess the biggest surprise is that he’s thinking about his scent during all that sneaking around.

The design of the 500ml spray bottle is both elegant and rugged at the same time. Which feels apt for a representation of one of the most elegant and rugged game franchises.

Purchasing Information

Metal Gear Solid – Shadow Moses Cologne

The Metal Gear Solid – Shadow Moses Cologne is now available for pre-order at the Numskull website.

Numskull has indicated that this is a limited product with only 1000 units available. And it will be sold exclusively in the UK and select European countries (sorry US and ASIA fans).

So you’ll certainly want to sneak up on this short opportunity to grab your very own bottle of Metal Gear Solid cologne.

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