Memcard PRO GC Is The Last GameCube Memory Card You’ll Ever Need

8bitmods Memcard PRO GC

8BitMods has done it again with an amazing new entry in the Memcard PRO range, this time for the Nintendo GameCube. If, like me, you still use your GameCube regularly, then you’ll no doubt have had that moment where you can’t remember which game is on which memory card or have forgotten which game case you’ve kept your memory card in. I’ve got so many kicking around and often put the one wrong in, making me tear hair out that I don’t have anymore.

We’ve been a fan of the Memcard PRO PlayStation range for a while now, and the new line tailored towards the GameCube has all of the features from the previous iteration with some new elements that the 8BitMods team has thought up since the launch of their first devices. These updatable Memory Cards (updateable using wireless connectivity) use an ESP32S3 to power the core of the card and offer ‘an infinite amount’ of space to save your games. Compared to the cards of old which only had a certain number of blocks, you can create a whopping 2048 ’59 block’ memory cards per 1GB of space on a microSD card, with the option to change the size to 1019 blocks if you’ve got a large collection of games.

Credit: 8BitMods

So how does it do all of this wizardry? Well, this memory card creates virtual memory cards, and it does it thanks to a 6K LE FPGA that emulates the signal of the original memory cards. I know; the future is here, folks. I would never in my wildest dreams have thought that we could emulate memory cards like this back when I was a kid, but here we are!

If you do have a large selection of games, then you can use a microSD card up to 2TB (that’s 2 terabytes, which is a heck of a lot of storage). Still, 8BitMods says that you could essentially use an Extended File Allocation Table volume storage system up to 128 petabytes (PB). Considering 1PB is 1,000 times bigger than 1TB, I think that would give you enough storage for all the GameCube players in your country, never mind on your street!

Cool Features

As the Memcard PRO GC has WiFi capabilities, players can access their game data remotely without having to boot up the GameCube and also boot it up directly on their computer in the same way that you would if you actually slotted it into a card reader. It’s got a 128×64 monochrome OLED display and can detect which game you’re playing thanks to Swiss, a program that you might remember from my article on the GameCube Network Adapter I covered earlier this year. Using the kind of intelligence that Iron Man’s Jarvis has, it will automatically link a virtual memory card to the game it relates to without you having to do all the hard work.

Credit: 8BitMods

If you prefer to navigate manually, then the memory card has two buttons that allow you to navigate on the device’s screen. 8BitMods is also planning on rolling out local and cloud backups for your games which is a very nice touch, as well as compatibility for Bluetooth controllers.

If you’re serious about your gaming, then the Memcard PRO GC looks set to be a one-stop-shop data storage solution that provides a no-nonsense approach. Pre-orders are open now and cost £64.98, with options available in Spice Orange, Jet Black, and Indigo. You can also get two translucent cards that allow you to see all of the gubbings inside in Smoke Black and Frost White. I’m hoping we’ll be getting one into the studio soon to review for you to give you an in-depth look into how well it works, but for now, head to the 8BitMods website to show your interest and get your pre-orders in!

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