Eastward Octopia DLC Announced for Nintendo Switch

Eastward Octopia DLC

In what will surely be my most exciting Nintendo Direct news today, we finally have official word about the Eastward Octopia DLC!

If you’ve read some of my past articles, or follow me on social media… then you know that Eastward is one of my favorite video games of all time.

It should be no surprise that I included it on my list of the best story based indie games on Steam (number one, in fact).

I am entirely obsessed with the charm of the story, the characters, and of course the insanely beautiful pixel art.

There had been murmurs of a secret Eastward DLC in development, but Pixpil kept things very quiet.

Now that it has finally been revealed to us, and I am more excited than words can convey!

Eastward Octopia DLC

Sam and John make their return in what appears to be a comfy alternate universe in the Eastward franchise.

No longer are we pressured to save the world from the spread of evil miasma.

In the Octopia DLC, we see many of the familiar characters from Eastward in a much more relaxed environment.

And… farming?! Fishing?! Did Eastward just go comfy farming sim on us?

Yes they did.

Eastward Octopia First Look

Eastward Octopia DLC

From what I can gather from the trailer, we will be farming, socializing, cooking, and literally having our friends over for dinner. This sounds so amazing.

It is safe to assume we will get a bunch of fun new characters and story to experience along the way, as well.

We even get to see a lot more of those adorable Blimpigs.

Eastward Octopia DLC

This DLC seems to be Pixpil’s way of rewarding fans of Eastward with something delightful and comfortable.

The town of Octopia looks beautiful, warm, cozy, full of life, has tonnes of charm, and is a perfect way to keep the world of Eastward alive.

Release Information

Eastward Octopia DLC

Eastward Octopia DLC is set to release on the Nintendo Switch “this holiday”.

An exact date has not yet been mentioned, but I’m hoping to jump into Octopia for my birthday (December 10).

A full copy of the original game is required to play this expansion.

And you’d be doing yourself a big disservice if you do not play Eastward to learn about all of these incredible characters.

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