New Lego Super Mario 64 Set Recaptures The Magic Of An N64 Classic

The only phrase that could make Mario’s maiden 3D adventure any better is if you put the word ‘Lego’ in front of it; Lego Super Mario 64.

It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? The ultimate lego item, the holy grail of Mario collectibles… and it’s 100% real!

Ever since Super Mario 64 dropped on the Nintendo Switch, the world has gone crazy with Italian plumbing fever. Sure, everyone knows about the generic Lego Super Mario sets and the countless proposals over on the Lego Ideas page.

But now Nintendo has dropped the biggest bombshell of all, and it comes in the shape of an iconic ‘?’ cube.

Take a moment for that to sink in… and another.

Get Ready For Lego Super Mario 64!

Lego super Mario 64 - Question Mark Block in yellow

I don’t think I’ve ever hit a question mark block and not got something good from inside.

Ok, I’ve probably had a couple of poison mushrooms, but for the purposes of this article, I’ll skirt over those.

This entire Lego Super Mario 64 piece is fully buildable. It’s not one of those pieces that comes ready made and requires a little ‘finishing off’; you need to put every little piece together, including King Bob-ombs cannons from the legendary Bob-omb Battlefield level.

And the best part about all of it is that the three game areas all flip out of the cube itself! One minute it’s a geekalicious ornament, the next it’s a Mazza-fan’s paradise filled with nostalgic blocky goodness!

What’s Included In The Set?

Avoid chain chomps and vultures, search for stars, and rescue Princess Peach. Hang out by warp pipes and bully the bullies down in Lethal Lava Land.

Yes, it’s Super Mario 64 through and through alright!

Ok, so Mario is basically a moustache with a hat and Peach looks like a pink and blonde table leg, but this Lego Super Mario 64 set isn’t about the characters.

This set is about reliving one of the most iconic games ever. It’s all about the level design and pays homage to the genius minds over at Nintendo who first invented these immersive worlds back in 1996.

That’s 25 years ago… I think I need to lie-down.

The attention to detail is phenomenal too. This set even has the eyeball and moving Bowser puzzle from Lethal Lava Land and that talking Snowman head from Cool, Cool Mountain.

Final Thoughts…

I’ve watched the clip of this Lego Super Mario 64 block opening up around 100 times now and it gets better every single time.

It reminds me of the Power Rangers figures that changed heads when I was a kid, except this has whole-freakin’-levels in it!

From the shrubbery outside Peach’s Castle to King Bob-omb’s fabled facial hair, this is one Lego set that sticks true to one of the best Mario games of all time. and we salute Nintendo and the Danish block giants for bringing it into our lives!

Will you buy this Lego Super Mario 64 set?

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