Jaws Tubbz Heading To A Bathtub Near You This October

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Collectors are gonna’ need a bigger boat this October as the Jaws Tubbz range splashes into town!

Regular Retro Dodo readers should know all about our obsession with Tubbz. Heck, Brandon even has his own Tubbz made in his image complete with beard and Gameboy in hand!

These little bathtub buddies have taken the retro gaming world by storm. With cosplay ducks taking on the forms of our favourite characters from the big screen and home consoles, there’s a quirky collectible for everyone.

And now, Jaws Tubbz are available to pre-order!

Let’s check out the new range and find out how to hook these bad-boys off the shelves and into your collection!

Hey, Hooper! Let’s Check Out Some Jaws Tubbz!

Jaws Tubbz - Bruce the Shark
I can hear the music now… DER DUM… DER DUM….

For those of you that have no idea what Tubbz are, then let me explain.

The conventional rubber duck as you know it is dead. In its place stands Tubbz, a collection of rubber duckies based on your favourite gaming characters.

Grab Frodo, Jean Luc-Picard, Ada Wong, and many more classic characters to put on your shelf or stick in the tub.

Each Tubbz comes in a bathtub display case, which is pretty fitting for ol’ Bruce the shark up there. I love the fact that the duck’s bill is sticking out of his mouth too; the perfect pantomime costume!

Complete with tail and teeth, Bruce the duck looks fantastic and is one of those collectibles that makes you smile whenever you look at it…

… mainly because a duck can’t kill you like a shark can!

Meet The Rest Of The Jaws Tubbz Gang

These two are on a mission to make bath time safe again!

The Jaws Tubbz range is perhaps my favourite line yet. Just look at the detailing that’s gone into Quint and Matt Hooper above!

From that iconic moustache to Matt’s glasses and watch, these little ducks are the perfect presents for any Jaws fans.

Heck, I’d buy these Jaws Tubbz as a present to myself (and probably will)!

Made by Numskull Designs, each Jaws Tubbz duck is made from the highest-quality PVC and stands around 9cm tall.

This is official merchandise right here!

Jaws Tubbz - Martin Brody
He might be small, but this Martin Brody duck means business!

There are four ducks to collect, and no Jaws Tubbz range would be complete without the legendary Martin Brody.

Complete with cigarette and bucket, this pint-sized Chief of Police completes any relaxing bath time ensemble.

Plus, I bet you didn’t realise ducks could grow such a good head of hair, right?

Whether you choose to keep them under wraps in their bathtub cases or get them out to play with in the shower, these little ducks are well worth the cost.

At just £12.99, each Jaws Tubbz is an absolute bargain. Plus, Just Geek have a Tubbz multibuy option available that reduces the cost to £11 for additional ducks.

How many Tubbz could fit inside your bath? 40? 50?

… Brandon, we’re gonna need a bigger tub…

The official Jaws Tubbz range drops alongside Jaws sunglasses this October. Pre-orders are open now, so click any of the buttons above to bag one on release day!

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