Infinity GameBoy Color Game Releases After 20 Years Of Development

Infinity Game Boy Color Game Case

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One of the things that excites the Retro Dodo team the most is new games for our favourite retro consoles, which is why this Infinity GameBoy Color game release has us feeling like Christmas came early.

Oh yes; after 20 years in the development stage, Infinity is finally coming to the GBC!

That’s a long wait, even longer than me waiting for a new Zelda game to drop. We can’t wait to grab some AA batteries and get this adventure started!

Here’s everything we know about the new Infinity GameBoy Color game and what to expect from the long-awaited release.

Checking Out Infinity, The Newest Game For The GameBoy Color!

What Is Infinity?

Infinity first made an appearance at E3 back in 2001. Though, through one thing and another, it never actually came to the GBC as planned.

Now, thanks to Retro Modding and Incube8 Games, a KickStarter campaign will soon be in full swing to finally complete the development of this intriguing game and publish it on a cartridge for all to play.

The quest itself is epic. As an ancient evil corrupts the people and their lands, two nations begin a brutal war armed with mysterious weapons gifted by a shadow being. A knight shunned by the people must rise to the challenge of saving his land, overcoming his own grief, and banishing the forces of evil at the same time.

I can already sense those retro feels heading towards our palms!

Infinity GameBoy Color Game Gameplay

How Does Infinity Work?

You might have guessed from the pictures in this article so far that Infinity is an RPG. It’s a title that many gamers have been waiting for with bated breath for over two decades and boasts a cracking storyline that we can’t wait to sink our teeth into.

Breath guys, it’s on its way!

In true RPG style, Infinity has a unique and strategic battle system for players to dive into, as well as over 50 vast areas to explore. The immersive events that make up this impressive title offer over 20 hours of gameplay with plenty of opportunities to play again and again.

With 100 items to snag and retrolicious 8-bit graphics to drool over, this is one game that won’t be leaving our trusty handheld in a hurry.

Dare I say it, but it may even enter this list of the best GameBoy Color games and be immortalised with all the greats!

Infinity GameBoy Color Game - Gameplay on a yellow GBC handheld

Who Made The Infinity GameBoy Color Game?

Affnix were the original team behind the game. Some of those original developers have joined the new project, with Retro Modding and Incub8 Games acting as the high-overlords of the movement.

While the project has been on the back burner for 20 years, we’re confident that it’ll be more than worth the wait.

When Will The Infinity GameBoy Color Game Release?

The KickStarter campaign launches in June 2021 (or launched if you’re reading this from the future) This means we probably won’t see a release until Q1 2022 at the earliest.

Still, the sooner you support the campaign, then the sooner we can all get our hands on a copy!

How Do I Purchase This New Infinity GameBoy Color Game?

Simply head to InfinityGBC to join the official Infinity newsletter for news on the KickStarter campaign and more.

We’ll be updating this article with a link to the campaign once it launches, but for now, take a look at the promo video below and get excited for this epic adventure.

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