How To Get Slither Wing In Pokemon Scarlet (The Easy Way)

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If you want to get your hands on the holy grail that is a Shiny Charm, you need to complete your Pokedex. That means finding all 400 Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. 

I can’t promise you an easy ride when searching for every Pokemon – if you need to get version exclusives then trading is going to be your only way.

However, I can help all you Pokemon Scarlet trainers get Slither Wing. 

This Bug/Fighting type is a Paradox Pokemon, only available to catch once you’ve discovered how to reach Area Zero. And after that, you then need to take on Professor Sada!

She’s not an opponent to be taken lightly, so be sure to read our how to beat Professor Sada guide for some pointers. 

If you’ve ticked off those two main objectives on your Pokelist (it’s a phrase I’ve coined), you can finally begin your search for this adorably new critter. 

Where To Catch Slither Wing In Pokemon Scarlet?

If you want to catch Slither Wing with ease, travel to Research Station Two in Area Zero. Exit the station and climb the mountains behind it; at the top is where Slither Wing most regularly spawns. 

This isn’t the only spot in Area Zero you can find it, but I’m all about simplicity and speed. Which I imagine a lot of you are too – we don’t have time to waste when there’s Pokemon to catch!  

When I encountered Slither Wing it was Level 55, and yet it still gave my Level 66+ Pokemon a run for their money. Its Superpower move is especially brutal. 

Overall, it was easy to catch, taking only one Ultra Ball. Without any damage inflicted.

Talk about a stroke of luck! Slither Wing’s catch rate is 8.8%, making it easier to catch than Legendary Pokemon, but still a challenge when compared with Pawmi (its catch rate is 35.2%). 

If you decide to catch Slither Wing (you definitely should), remember that you can’t breed with it, nor will it evolve. 

That’s a wrap, folks! Another Pokemon has officially joined the team. 

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