How To Get Relay Tickets In Fire Emblem Engage And Where To Use Them

Many Fire Emblem players long for multiplayer battles; hey, we’re only human! If you’re one of them, then you’re in luck, because I’m about to show you how to get relay tickets and where to use them in Fire Emblem Engage. 

If you’re wondering what Relay Tickets are, they’re one of the few ways you can enjoy online battles with friends… in a manner of speaking.

It isn’t anywhere near as streamlined as the type of online play you see in Destiny or other MMO games, but it’s decent enough for those who want to test their Fire Emblem mettle online. 

If you’d rather skip over how to get Relay Tickets and where to use them, you can always read about how to adopt animals in Fire Emblem Engage instead. But for those sticking around, let’s dive right in!

How To Get Relay Tickets In Fire Emblem Engage

To get Relay Tickets, you need to visit The Somniel at least once every real world day. 

Seriously, that’s all you need to do. 

It’s worth noting that for Relay Tickets to first become available, you need to have unlocked the Tower of Trials at The Somniel. 

There’s some conflicting details about when in the main story this happens – Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring or Chapter 11: Retreat.

Personally, I found that the Tower of Trials unlocked after completing Chapter 6. 

Now you have a ticket in hand, it’s time to enter the Tower of Trials and put it to good use. 

Where To Use Relay Tickets In Fire Emblem Engage

How To Get Relay Tickets In Fire Emblem Engage

To use Relay Tickets, visit the Tower of Trials and then select Relay Trial. From there, confirm you want to start a battle, and one of your Relay Tickets will be used. 

Once the battle begins, you simply need to play a couple of turns before you pass the baton of battle over to someone else. Essentially, you’ll be playing Fire Emblem Engage’s version of a relay race. 

To pass your battle over, you can choose whether to generate a private ID, designed only for players you know, or you can get a public ID that allows you to connect with anyone. 

After sharing your ID, it’s simply a case of waiting for the next player to complete their turn, with this cycle repeating until the battle is won. 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to sit around waiting for it to finish, you can go about other missions or activities around The Somniel and simply check back at the Tower of Trials later. 

If you’ve completed a battle, and won, you’ll receive a handful of rewards. If you lost, well, it’s time to try again. 

Even if you’re not a fan of online play, it’s worth checking out the Relay Trial at least once, if for nothing other than a chance to grab yourself some extra goodies. 

Seeing as you’re at The Somniel, why not use my how to get Sommie in Fire Emblem Engage guide to unlock another unique feature. It has nothing to do with fighting, and delivers a whole lot of cuteness! 

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