7 Best Animals To Adopt In Fire Emblem Engage

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Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to adopt cute animals? However, their cuteness isn’t the main benefit (as much as it pains me to say) – it’s the items they drop. This is why I’m going to tell you about the best animals to adopt in Fire Emblem Engage. 

Each of the animals you can adopt drop some pretty important items, such as iron, steel, and rare ingredients. The more items an animal drops, the better it is for you. 

I know, it sounds super mercenary, but we’re trying to save Elyos from the Fell Dragon – we can’t afford too many niceties. 

If you’re ready to discover the best animals to adopt in Fire Emblem Engage, continue reading. Or, if you’d rather enhance your team, why not learn all Unit types in Fire Emblem instead? 

How To Adopt Animals In Fire Emblem Engage

best animals to adopt in fire emblem engage - white elyosian dog

To adopt any animals you find, walk up to them and press the A button. You’ll then be asked if you want to adopt them, select yes so they can start their new life at The Somniel. 

Animals you can adopt are easy to spot because they appear as orange dots on your map. Look for these dots whenever you finish a Skirmish, Paralogue, or Training mission. 

However, while there’s a variety of animals to adopt in Fire Emblem Engage, not all of them will be available to you in the beginning. 

To unlock all adoptable animals, you need to make donations to the different nations of Elyos. You can easily see which animals are adoptable by visiting the Bulletin Board in The Somniel. The more you donate, the more rewards you’ll reap. 

The Best Animals To Adopt In Fire Emblem Engage

Out of all the animals you can adopt, there’s a handful who excel at not just their adorability but their usefulness as well.

1. Elyosian Dogs (All Colours)

Arguably the most common animals of the game, Elyosian dogs are a boon for The Somniel. This is because they drop iron, steel, and silver ingots

These ores can be used at the Smithy to refine and engrave your weaponry, or be exchanged for a different type of metal. Moreover, ores are used when purchasing new outfits at the Boutique.

2. Aura Eagle

Located only in Brodia, the Aura Eagle is a great animal to keep at The Somniel. Not only is it a majestic bird of prey, but it also provides beef, chicken, pork, and mutton (lamb)

Considering these items are key ingredients for many meals, and that Alear can’t easily obtain them any other way, an Aura Eagle is definitely worth adopting in Fire Emblem Engage.

3. Panna Camel

Found amongst the sandy dunes of Solm, the Panna Camel is another goldmine in terms of ingredients, dropping rice, spices, beans, and wheat flour

Similar to the ingredients found by the Aura Eagle, these items aren’t readily available anywhere else. Technically, you may find the odd one laying around when exploring an area post battle, but it’s rare. 

4. Iris Owl

You’ll need to head to Elusia to adopt this animal, a location that’s available until Chapter 9: A Clash of Forces. 

Once you adopt the Iris Owl and take it to The Somniel, you’ll receive berries and tomatoes. Although you can sometimes find berries in the Orchard at The Somniel, tomatoes are a much rarer find. 

5. Mere Donkey

The Mere Donkey can be found while exploring Firene, though it won’t be adoptable until you’ve reached Level 2 donations. 

I wouldn’t say the Mere Donkey is invaluable, but the rare vegetables it drops, as the name suggests, are hard to come by.

And if you intend to wow your allies with meals to improve your Support Bond, which is vital once you learn how to romance characters in Fire Emblem Engages, then it’s an animal worth having. 

6. Rutile Marmot

Just like Mere Donkeys, Rutile Marmots drop rare items; they drop rare fruit.

Typically only offered as a reward for reaching a specific donation level, being able to produce rare fruit on a regular basis is worth a space in your Farmyard.

7. Tartu Flamingo

As you’ll know from my how to fish in Fire Emblem Engage article, obtaining a variety of fish isn’t hard.

However, while you can get your own fish at the pond, they’ll always be fairly common types. This is why adopting a Tartu Flamingo from Solm is a wise decision – they drop rare fish.

All Animals To Adopt In Fire Emblem Engage

best animals to adopt in fire emblem engage - Elyosian Sheep

Even though I’ve done my duty and told you the best animals to adopt in Fire Emblem Engage, I can’t leave you wondering what other animals are out there. After all, there’s 24 in total.

Here are the remaining animals up for adoption:

  • Elyosian Sheep
  • Elyosian Pigeon
  • Elyosian Seagull
  • White Hop Rabbit/Hop Rabbit
  • Eastern/Western/Southern/Northern Freecat
  • Firenese/Elusian/Brodian/Solm Cat
  • Callisson Chicken
  • Vervain Deer

Now you know the best animals to adopt and where to find them. Talk about a full house! Or Farmyard, in this case. 

If you’re fired up and in a collecting mood, you can find out about all optional characters in Fire Emblem Engage; the Somniel is going to be packed to the rafters!

Which animal have you adopted the most of? Let us know over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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