How To Get EXP Share In Pokemon Fire Red (The Easy Way)

Charmander wearing an EXP Share helmet

We all know how much work you have to put into getting your Pokemon to a desired level to take on the tougher gym leaders, which is why knowing how to get EXP Share in Pokemon Fire Red is going to make your life so much easier.

How many times have you set out with good intentions to get your entire team levelled up equally. Your favourite starter Pokemon, which you’ve diligently nicknamed with your pet or partner’s name is in the top spot, and you know you should be pulling in the Level 4 Pidgey and Level 5 Caterpie you’ve got into the battle to gain some Exp.

The thing is… they just don’t cut the mustard.

And before long, your top Pokemon is on Level 20 and the rest are bringing up the rear on Level 8.

That’s where EXP Share comes in, and it’s going to revolutionise your life!

What Is EXP Share?

EXP share gives users a chance to share EXP evenly with another Pokemon who is holding the EXP Share item. That means your strongest Pokemon can do all the work and another team member can get half of the rewards without risking fainting in battle.

Essentially, it’s a foolproof way to level up lower pocket monsters you collect as you go through the game, and picking up EXP Share couldn’t be simpler.

How Do I Get EXP Share?

Fuschia City on Pokemon Map - How To Get EXP Share In Pokemon Fire Red

In order to get EXP Share in Pokemon Fire Red, you first need to collect 50 different types of Pokemon.

Don’t worry about levelling them up along the way, that’s what the EXP Share is for!

Once you’ve collected 50 different critters, head to the watchtower that’s situated just East of Fuschia City.

Head inside the watchtower and speak with Professor Oak’s aide. As long as you have the required amount of Pokemon, he’ll give you the Exp Share.

And that’s it!

Getting the EXP share is so simple that even a rookie Pokemon Trainer could do it. Now, you’ll be able to prepare multiple teams to take on the Elite Four at the end of the game!

And it’s happy days as one other Pokemon can kick back and level up without having to lift a finger – what a lucky monster!

One thing to note – EXP Share is called EXP All in Pokemon Red, though the process of getting it is exactly the same as in Fire Red. The main difference is that EXP All gives all Pokemon EXP point, where as EXP Share just gives it to one other Pokemon.

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