How To Get Chesnaught In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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We know how to get Walking Wake, and we know how to get Samurott, but do you know how to get Chesnaught in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet? If you don’t, you need to keep on reading. 

Another Tera Raid event will soon be upon us, with the latest raid taking place from the 12th of May until the 14th of May. 

By now, most of you keen Pokemon trainers will have participated in a Tera Raid or several. However, if you’ve never joined one before, or if you need to jog your memory, we’ve got all the info you need. 

How To Get Chesnaught In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

How To Get Chesnaught In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Tera Chesnaught

To get Chesnaught, you need to take part in a 7-Star Tera Raid from Friday the 12th of May until Sunday the 14th. Look for a Black Tera Crystal on your Paldea map to find the event. 

Due to it being a special event, you’ll only be able to catch one Chesnaught per save. However, Chesnaught will come with the Mightiest Mark to prove its strength. Moreover, this ‘mon will have Rock Tera Type, alongside its usual Grass/Fighting attributes. 

If you’ve never seen a Black Tera Crystal before, and still can’t once this event begins, that means you haven’t unlocked 7-Star Raids yet. 

Unfortunately, unlocking them is a process. If you want to do it in time to catch Chesnaught, you’ll need to grind like your life depends on it. This is because you need to complete several 5 and 6-Star Tera Raids first

Post-game event

What is more, you need to have finished the game. And I don’t just mean the main story, I also mean the post-game ones too. Use my guide on how to reach Area Zero, and how to beat Professor Sada in Pokemon Scarlet, if you’re stuck 

As for the post-game story, you’ll need to beat all the Gym Leaders for a second time, and win the Academy Ace Tournament. I don’t have guides on these specifically, but do have numerous guides on how to beat Larry, and the other Gyms. 

Please be aware that you need a Nintendo Switch Online account to connect to the internet. Without this, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve finished the game or not because you can’t access the event offline. 

Hopefully, but this time next week you’ll have a new Chesnaught on your team! If you’ve liked this guide on how to get Chesnaught in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, check Retro Dodo regularly for more Pokemon related content. 

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