How To Get Walking Wake In Pokemon Scarlet

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If you’re a huge fan of Pokemon Scarlet and want to create the best team in Paldea, then you’ll undoubtedly want to know how to get Walking Wake in Pokemon Scarlet!

Back in February, the Pokemon Presents event gave us the news that Walking Wake was going to be arriving in Paldea. And, if you’ve already read our article on how to get Iron Leaves in Pokemon Violet, then you’ll know that it’s no easy task.

Make note of that – if you’re playing Pokemon Violet then stop reading as you can only catch Iron Leaves and not Walking Wake in your game!

Walking Wake originally arrived as part of a 5-Star Tera Battle Raid Event originally running from February 27th until March 12th. 

But, if you’re reading today and want to know how to get Walking Wake in Pokemon Scarlet, then read on and find out!

And don’t worry if you don’t know anything about Tera Battles, raid events, or any of the other jargon we’re talking about – we’ve got you covered!

How To Get Walking Wake In Pokemon Scarlet

To get Walking Wake, you need a Nintendo Switch Online account to connect to the internet via the Poke Portal. Once you’re connected, a list of available Raids will appear; choose the first to join the Walking Wake Raid.

Walking Wake is a Water/Dragon Type, however, don’t go thinking Grass Types will make quick work of it – Walking Wake knows Flamethrower, which will prove lethal. 

walking wake - pokemon scarlet

The other moves Walking Wake know include:

  • Noble Roar
  • Sunny Day
  • Hydrosteam

Given the variety of moves it can use, an Electric Type will ensure you get through this battle relatively unscathed. If you don’t have a strong Electric Type on your team already, learn how to get Bellibot in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet to quickly remedy this! 

Trainers can only catch one Walking Wake per game, meaning that the only way to complete that Pokedex, at least when it comes to Paradox Pokemon, is to trade with your Violet pals. 

If you don’t see the shining Water symbol on the map it’s because you haven’t unlocked 5-Star Tera Raids yet; you need to complete the game for them to appear.

Catching Walking Wake won’t be easy, but I have no doubt you’ll be able to pull it off!

When Is The Next Walking Wake Tera Raid Event?

Walking Wake will be coming back to a Tera Raid battle in Paldea in 2023, so don’t lost hope if you haven’t managed to catch one for your team yet.

As to when that might be, the Pokemon Company hasn’t actually announced yet. Still, we’ve had two Tera Raid battles already since Walking Wake was first announced, and if you’ve checked our Nintendo reveals new trailers for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC article, then you’ll know that lots of new features are heading to Paldea soon.

And you can bet one of those features is going to be another chance to get Walking Wake again!

Keep your eyes peeled here for more information as and when we get it!

What Type Of Pokemon Is Walking Wake?

Walking wake is a Paradox Pokemon with a dual Water and Dragon type. It is also an ancient form of Suicine.

What is a Paradox Pokemon, I hear you ask?

Well, Paradox Pokemon look like Pokemon that you might remember from previous games that you’ve played but with a difference. They are either the ancient or future forms of famous Pocket monsters, and in this case, Walking Wake comes from far in the past.

How Strong Is Walking Wake?

Walking Wake has a base stat total of 590, though the only truly impressive stats are its Sp. Attack and Speed. It’s a little disappointing when it comes to Attack and Sp. Defence, so bear that in mind when you’re getting ready for battle.

With a base HP of 99 and a Defence of 91, it should be able to hold its own in battle for a while without any problems. Still, I just wish its Sp. Defence of 83 was a little higher.

Still, with an Sp. Attack of 125, that just means that trainers are going to be sticking to Special Attacks rather than using Physical Attacks, and Walking Wake has some epic moves!

What Are The Best Moves Walking Wake Has?

When it comes to Special Moves, Walking Wake has access to some powerful attacks. Hyper Beam, Draco Meteor, Hydro Pump and Flamethrower are 4 of its most powerful Special attacks, meaning you’re well equipped for most situations.

I like the fact that it can use both a water and fire move – that’s like teaching Pikachu to use Surf!

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