How To Evolve Magmar In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

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Get ready to start packing heat; it’s time to check out how to evolve Magmar in Pokemon Legends: Arceus!

The old Red and Blue starter Pokemon might not be in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, but there are still some familiar faces from the old days coming back for a slice of the action.

Magmar has always been a force to be reckoned with, and his final evolutionary form Magmortar is now the most ferocious Fire Pokemon in the game.

In other words, you need this fiery in your team if you want to succeed.

So, lets figure out how to evolve Magmar in Pokemon Legends: Arceus!

Where To Find Magby In Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

How to evolve Magmar in Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Where to find Magby

Like its older sibling, Mabgy can be found on Firespit Island. It’s usually found hanging around Magmar, and if you’ve already approached the island then you can just warp in and out from Jubilife Village until one appears.

Like a lot of the smaller or first-evolution Pokemon, Magby is an anxious little critter.

If you want to add him to the party, then you’ll need to use stealth spray and then launch at least a Great Ball to nab him.

How To Evolve Magby In Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

Magby evolves into Magmar at level 30.

There’s no messing around with Fire Stones or special items at this point; just level Magby up the good old-fashioned way and watch him evolve!

Where To Find Magmar in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

Magmar usually lurks around Firespit Island in the Cobaly Coastlands.

There’s no real surprises there, is there?

I know he has fire on his tail, but he shouldn’t be too hard to find plodding around the charred rocks.

How To Evolve Magmar In Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

How To Evolve Magmar In Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Magmar evolving

Magmar evolves into Magmortar using the Magmarizer.

That’s a lot of Mag-words isn’t it!

Like the old Rhydon evolution process, Magmar had to be traded while holding the Magmarizer. Now, players just have to use the Magmarizer on a Magmar in their team and he’ll evolve instantly.

That’s what we like; no pointless messing around!

The Magmarizer isn’t that easy to find either if you’re wanting to get it organically. They sometimes appear in Space-Time Distortions, but it’s much easier to just pick one up from the good-old trading post in Jubilife Village.

Where To Find Magmortar In Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

For those that want to skip out the whole Magmar evolution process, you can actually pick up a Magmortar from Space-Time Distortions. Check out:

  • Sacred Plaza
  • Stonetooth Rows
  • Ancient Quarry
  • Sonorous Path

Thanks for checking out our article on how to evolve Magmar in Pokemon Legends: Arceus! We hope Magmortar has put some fire in your belly and will help to defeat those gnarly Alpha Pokemon you come across in the wild.

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