How to Defeat The Wyvern In Sonic Frontiers

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It’s time for Sonic to defeat another Titan!

Sonic may have only just defeated Giganto, but he’s fired up and ready to kick some more butt! This time his challenger is the Wyvern.

Found on Ares Island, it’s another formidable opponent. Fortunately for Sonic, you’ve taken down a Titan before.

However, while Titans might not seem as intimidating anymore, no two are alike. Unlike the Guardians who are many in number, the Titans are unique; the Wyvern is no exception. 

If you’re concerned you’re not quite ready for this battle, search for Hermit Koco. Use our how to collect and use seeds guide to help you locate him if you get lost. It’s no exaggeration to say that having a few upgrades will definitely come in handy.

Now you’re better prepared, it’s time to take down this Titan! Bye bye Wyvern!

How To Defeat Wyvern In Sonic Frontiers

To defeat the Wyvern Sonic needs to survive three phases. During phase one you need to climb to the top of the tower and catch the Wyvern, using the y button to target. Then you need to chase the Wyvern using the runway, making sure to dodge obstacles and use Honing Attacks to jump gaps. When you reach the Chaos Emerald you’ll enter phase two. 

As Super Sonic, you need to fly alongside the Wyvern and parry oncoming missiles by using the L and R bumpers. This will fire the missiles back and stun the Wyvern. Now it’s vulnerable, parry again to unleash Sonic’s combo attack. Once the Wyvern’s health is halfway, phase three begins. 

The Wyvern will now fire red lasers as well as missiles; avoid them and attack/parry like you did in phase two. Be warned, the Wyvern will attack twice after being stunned so continuous parry to counter this. Once you deplete the Wyvern’s health further, the final QTE sequences will trigger. Follow the prompts to land the finishing blow.

It’s a lot, we know. But allow me to share some final words of advice: 

The QTEs are similar to the fishing mechanics of Sonic Frontiers, with you needing to line up the white ring within the red circle. If you’re rusty, go find Big Cat and practice.

Another hot tip is to collect rings before the final stage. It’s a little tricky to do with missiles flying at you, but it’ll help stop Super Sonic running out of steam. 

Parrying is the key to this battle. As always. If you’re not sure how to do that or you need a reminder, read Retro Dodo’s how to parry enemies article

As tired as you likely are, the Wyvern is down and you can now proceed to Chaos Island. That’s a cause for celebration! And if you’ve yet to defeat Giganto back on Kronos Island, our how to defeat Giganto in Sonic Frontiers guide will point you in the right direction.

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