How To Catch All Genie Pokemon In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

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If you’re sitting at home wondering how to catch all Genie Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, then you must either have a death wish or wanting to build the ultimate team.

To be honest, it’s probably both.

The genie Pokemon in Arceus, often referred to as ‘The Forces of Nature’ are some of the most dangerous Pokemon you’ll ever come up against.

And I’m not talking about that Level 40 Alpha Tangela with the massive red eyes either; we’re talking you being knocked out and all your Pokemon fainted within seconds.

How to catch all genie pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus - all four genie pokemon in their genie forms

Just look at them, for crying out loud. They don’t exactly make me feel confident about sneaking up behind them with a Poke ball to try and nab them. It feels a little like throwing a cup full of water on a burning building!

Still, despite all the odds and with a hell of a lot of swearing, I’ve managed to bag each of these powerful magical creatures and add them into my team.

If Id’ve had these when going up against Leon the first time in Pokemon Sword, he wouldn’t have stood a chance!

So, it’s time to get off Cloud 9 and get stuck into some good-old-fashioned legendary Pokemon hunting. Good luck, and try not to die.

Note – The genies can only be captured once the main story is over and ‘the Defied Pokemon’ mission is active. Speak to Cognita at the Ancient Retreat; she’ll give you the lowdown.

How To Catch Tornadus In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

To catch Tornadus, players must head into the Alabasta icelands. It only comes out when the weather is rainy and windy, which means it would probably love England a lot!

Once the elements are downright horrible, head to the Bonechill Wastes area just below the centre of the map. Tornadus will be hanging around somewhere nearby, so grab your Poke balls and do a big Ron Weasley-style gulp of fear.

Tip – There are going to be tonnes of other Pokemon in the area, including some nasty Alphas that need taking care of. I know you might have psyched yourself up to go and get Tornadus straight away, but life will be much easier once these other goons are out of the way

The best method of getting Tornadus is by sneaking up and stunning it with a Poke ball in order to actually start battling it. You’ll need a seriously jacked up Pokemon to take it on, so make sure you’ve brought your A game.

Once Tornadus’s HP has got towards 1/3 in the yellow or preferably red zone, hit it with Ultra balls until one clasps shut!

How To Catch Thundorus In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Continuing our conundrum on how to catch all Genie Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is Thundorus, the next big-mouthed cloud dweller.

As an electric and flying Pokemon, it might not be any surprise that you’ll need to wait until the weather gets a little electrified before it appears.

Anyone stupid/brave enough to tackle Thundorus needs to head to Sand’s Reach in Cobalt Coastlands. Keep an eye out for that first spark in the sky and then head to the sea north of the Reach.

Oh, and what’s that protecting it? An Alpha Gyrados and its Gyrados minions. Simple… right?

Thundorus is an Electric and Flying type Pokémon. In order to find it, go to Sand’s Reach in Cobalt Coastlands when it’s stormy.

While coasting along atop Basculegion, dodge Thunderus’ whirlwinds and do the same Poke ball stunning trick that you used before.

Once stunned, just beat the devil out of it until its weak enough to capture with an Ultra ball. Job done.

How To Catch Landorus In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

How to catch all genie pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus - Landorus in the wild

Next up is the mighty Landorus. Unlike its fellow genies, ‘ol Lando is the easiest to find in terms of waiting for the right conditions. It can be found in any weather, but that doesn’t mean that it’s simple to catch!

Players must head to the Obsidian Fieldlands and journey down to the Ramanus Islands.

Once again, there’s an Alpha to deal with, this time an Infernape. Still, you should be used to this by now, so either knock it to the ground or catch it and keep scouting for our orange genie friend here.

You know the drill by now – stun with Poke balls, battle, and catch. Landorus is my favourite of the bunch and is always my go-to genie first out of the pack whenever I fight.

How To Catch Enamorus In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Of course, there always has to be one Pokemon that tests your trainer skills to the max.

Unlike the other three genies, this last Force of Nature can only be caught after doing some tasks.

For starters, Enamorus won’t appear until the other three sit within your Poke-collection. Then, their research levels all need to be at 10.

When you’ve done that, head back to the Ancient Retreat and pay your pal Cognita another visit. She’ll reveal one last genie – Enamorus.

The location you’ll need to head to this time is the Scarlet Bog in the Crimson Mirelands. Like Landorus, there are no weather conditions that need to be met here, though there is a lot of water around that makes things tricky.

If you’re wondering whether Cognita left the most difficult genie till last, then yes, she certainly did.

Just do the same as before with getting rid of the alphas, stunning, and eventually capturing the last genie. Remember, Ultra balls are your best bet.

How To Change The Genie Pokemon Into Their Therian Forms In Pokemon Legends: Arceus

How to catch all genie pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus - all four genie pokemon in their animal forms

The Forces of Nature genies all have two forms – divine genie incarnate god, and animal form.

Once you’ve caught them all, a special item called the Reveal Glass can be obtained from chatting with Cognita.

Once the Reveal Glass is in your possession, you can use it to change their forms whenever you want. Check out the picture above to see their alternate forms!

And that’s a wrap!

Thanks for checking out this article on how to catch all the genie Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Hopefully you didn’t die too many times and still have controllers that are intact.

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