How To Buy Gear In Mario Strikers Battle League

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If you’re looking to upgrade your players on the pitch, then you’ll need to know how to buy gear in Mario Strikers Battle League!

Have you been sat there wondering why some of the characters have cool helmets on or what looks like futuristic body armour?

Well, that’s the gear that players can buy to upgrade their characters and give them more impressive stats.

With footwear, headwear, arms, and body gear to choose from, players can increase stat points in certain areas and sacrifice others in a bid to make their team members even more impressive!

Let’s take a look at how to buy gear in Mario Strikers Battle League and find out what it’s all about!

Where to Buy Gear In Mario Strikers Battle League

How To Buy Gear In Mario Strikers Battle League - Rosalina in the gear store

By heading to the Gear Settings in the Mario Strikers Battle League main menu, players can enter the gear store.

Tip – By just entering the store, you’ll get 400 coins to use on buying some new gear for your players.

Once inside, you can peruse the shop and see what’s available for each of your characters, playing different pieces of equipment off each other.

What Does The Gear Do In Mario Strikers Battle League?

Apart from making your character look super cool, the gear in Mario Strikers Battle League gives players increased statistics in certain areas.

If you want to make Bowser shoot better than Messi but aren’t too bothered about his passing, then the Cannon Boots are the footwear for you.

Other items, all with their coin price below, change the speed, technique, strength, passing, and shooting styles, usually increasing one by 2 and the decreasing another by 2 every time.

So, after reading my article on how to make the best team in Mario Strikers Battle League, you can always use the available gear to further highlight specific traits.

Don’t forget – using gear reduces character skills in other areas

Having a powerful shooter that’s slower than a snail in a snowstorm isn’t any good to anyone, so pay make sure you keep an even balance.

How Do I Get Coins In Mario Strikers Battle League?

Players can earn coins Mario Strikers Battle League by completing tournament battles.

Each tournament battle win gives players 400 coins to spend on gear in the gear store. Once a tournament is over, players get the chance to play it again for 50 coins.

Will you save up your coins and blow them all at once or buy sparingly here and there as the game goes on?

And that’s a wrap!

Thanks for checking out this article on how to buy gear in Mario Strikers Battle League. Hopefully now you’ve got all you need to start souping up your characters and to build your ultimate team.

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