How To Breed Pokemon In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (The Easy Way)

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Breeding in Pokemon is a pretty integral part of the experience. And yet, from the outside looking in, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet appears to not have that option… 

Well, it actually does. It’s just very different from previous Generations. 

Typically, Pokemon games have a Daycare for you to visit, allowing you to leave Pokemon to help Level them up, and, sometimes, get an Egg. Everyone remembers the Day-Care Couple, right? 

Sadly, they’re no longer on the scene, but that doesn’t mean you can’t breed your Pokemon. In some respects, breeding is now easier than ever before. 

Shall we begin?

How To Breed Pokemon In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To get your Pokemon to breed you need two opposite gender Pokemon from the same Egg Group on your team, then you need to set up a Picnic. 

You can obviously use Ditto if you’ve already caught one – read how to get Ditto to make the breeding process even simpler. 

Now you have the two Pokemon together, all you have to do is wait. To help pass the time, you can make a Sandwich – which can increase your Egg Power – or you can play a game of fetch. 

If you decide to make a Sandwich, here’s some recipes to increase your Egg Power: 

  • Jam Sandwich – Level 1
  • Peanut Butter Sandwich – Level 1
  • Dessert Sandwich – Level 1
  • Tropical Sandwich – Level 1
  • Sweet Jambon-Beurre – Level 2
  • Legendary Sweet Sandwich – Level 2
  • Great Peanut Butter Sandwich – Level 2
  • Ultra Peanut Butter Sandwich – Level 2

After some food-on-the-go, and maybe chatting with your Pokemon, check the Picnic Basket beside the table. If your efforts have been successful a Pokemon Egg will be inside.

You can choose to send this Egg to your Boxes, or send it to someone at the Academy to study. Choosing the latter option means you won’t get to hatch it, so only do this if it’s an Egg you know you don’t want. 

What Are The Main Egg Groups?

Similar to Pokemon Types, Egg Groups are a way of learning if your Pokemon are compatible for breeding or not. 

Here’s a list of the main Egg Groups:

  • Human-like
  • Monster
  • Water 1
  • Water 2
  • Water 3
  • Bug
  • Flying
  • Mineral
  • Fairy
  • Field
  • Amorphous
  • Ditto
  • Grass
  • Dragon
  • No Eggs (these Pokemon can’t breed)

Pokemon can have between one and two Egg Groups. 

How To Hatch An Egg In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To hatch a Pokemon Egg you need the Egg in your Party, then walk a certain distance.

The distance you need to travel varies depending on what Pokemon is inside. However, you can speed things up by having a Pokemon in your Party that knows either Flame Body or Steam Engine

Two Pokemon that come with these abilities include Rolycoly, located in East Province (Area Three), and Fletchinder, located in South and West Province.

What Are The Benefits Of Breeding Pokemon?

The main benefits of breeding is to pass down certain Natures, Hidden Abilities, Egg Moves, and the Best IVs (Individual Values). 


Arguably the easiest trait to pass down is Natures – simply have one of the Pokemon you’re breeding hold an Everstone and its Nature will be passed to its offspring. 

Hidden Abilities

The chance of passing on Abilities from the mother to her offspring is 80%. However, for Hidden Abilities, the mother has a 60% chance of passing it along, while the father can only pass it on if bred with a Ditto. 

Hidden Abilities also need to be known by one of the parents if it’s to be passed on. 

Egg Moves

Some moves can only be learnt if a Pokemon is bred, these are known as Egg Moves.

A lot of the time, learning specific Egg Moves can get complicated. But here’s a shortened example: 

  • Catch Makuhita in South Province (Area One) and level it up to Level 25 to learn the move Belly Drum. 
  • Catch Azumarill at Casseroya Lake and delete one of its Moves so it has an empty slot. 
  • Travel to Delibird Presents and purchase a Mirror Herb, priced at 30,000 Pokedollars. Now get Azumarill to hold this Mirror Herb. 
  • Have only Makuhita and Azumarill in your Party and have a Picnic – Azumarill will learn Belly Drum. 
  • When you breed your Azumarill you should end up with an offspring that also knows this move. 

Best IVs

To work out how good or bad your Pokemon IVs are, make sure to complete Victory Road. You’ll then be able to see the Stats of your Pokemon and how good they are, ranging from No Good to Best. 

When breeding, the average number of IVs a Pokemon will inherit is three out of the 12 its parents have. 

To improve the catches of passing on Best IVs, catch a six star Tera Raid Pokemon, and also purchase a Destiny Knot from Delibird Presents for 20,000 Pokedollars. 

I know that feels like a lot of information, but it’ll help you breed the best Pokemon you can. If you fancy a break from breeding Pokemon, you should read about the latest Pokemon Scarlet & Violet mystery gift codes

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