How To Get Ditto In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (The Easy Way)

how to get ditto in pokemon scarlet violet

Ditto is an incredibly wanted Pokemon across all generations of games, not only is it adorable, it can be used tactically against other Pokemon and it’s also deemed as “rare” due to the low chance of stumbling across it.

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Ditto shows itself differently compared to other Pokemon, as Ditto should it disguises itself as other Pokemon, so you won’t know it’s a Ditto until you battle a random Pokemon and then it transform into Ditto before you start battling.

So, now knowing it’s a little complicated we’ve made an easy guide on how to get Ditto in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Where To Catch Ditto In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The easiest way to catch a Ditto in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is by battling Pokemon north of Port Marinada in West Province (Area Two). Some of these Pokemon are Ditto disguised as different Pokemon.

Many sites will say to visit raid battles and hope for the best, but through our experience the fastest way to find one is by battling Pokemon north of Port Marinada in West Province (Are Two) near the lightouse.

Murkrows and Muk’s have the highest rate of being a Ditto in disguise.

look out for this lighthouse, ditto’s spawn around it

All you have to do is keep battling these Pokemon until one of them transforms into a Ditto.

There’s no way of knowing which Pokemon is a Ditto, there’s not even the classic dots as eyes to give it a way, so you’ll have to battle.

We found a Ditto after defeating 10 Muks.

ditto catch location battle

If you catch a Ditto in this area it will be approximately level 28, so be sure to battle it with a Pokemon around the same level, as you don’t want to be farming through Muk’s again!

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