How To Beat Ryme (Montenevera Gym) In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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The Pokemon League is growing ever closer. I can smell it. 

But before we reach those hallowed halls, we have to take down another Gym Leader that stands between us and the prize. It’s time to challenge Ryme. 

The Gym Leader of Montenevera Gym, Ryme is a famous rapper who took over the gym when her older sister, Tyme, left to teach at the Academy. 

As fun loving as Ryme is, she’s a quick witted woman who has a passion for Ghost type Pokemon – a nightmare for trainers who love Normal types. If you don’t want to get buried alive you need to play to Ghost weaknesses, which means using Dark/Ghost types. 

If you want to fight Ghost with Ghost, might I suggest using my how to get Gengar guide? Let’s face it, he’s one of the very best spooks there is! 

How To Warm Up The Audience For Ryme’s Concert

The Montenevera Gym Challenge is quite different from all the others in that it’s an uncomplicated task of winning three rounds of Double Battles

And, despite the fancy stage, there’s absolutely no need for you to spit bars to impress the crowd. 

Head to the stage and MC Sledge will explain the rules, thus starting the challenge. You’ll face Tas, Lani, and then MC Sledge himself (what a twist!). 

They all use Ghost/Dark types. Because I’m feeling generous, and want you to win, below is an overview of which Pokemon you’ll face.


  • Shuppet – Level 40 (Ghost)
  • Greavard – Level 40 (Ghost)


  • Haunter – Level 40 (Ghost)
  • Misdreavus – Level 40 (Ghost)

MC Sledge:

  • Sableye – Level 40 (Dark/Ghost)
  • Drifblim – Level 40 (Ghost/Flying)

Now they’re out of the way, we get to the main event everyone has been waiting for.

What Pokemon Does Ryme Use?

  • Mimikyu – Level 41 (Ghost/Fairy)
  • Banette – Level 41 (Ghost)
  • Houndstone – Level 41 (Ghost)
  • Toxtricity – Level 42 (Poison/Electric with Ghost Tera Type)

How To Beat Ryme In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The best way to beat Ryme is to use Ghost/Dark type Pokemon like Gimminghoul, located at the top of Towers across Paldea. When you battle Toxtricity, a Ground type like Diglett will smash through.

Like with the Gym Challenge, you will be partaking in Double Battles.

I say all this, yet I beat Ryme using a Fairy/Steel type (Tinkaton) and a Fire/Psychic type (Armarouge). 

What does that mean?

Essentially, that Ryme isn’t difficult to beat. Even when using a Psychic Pokemon, which Ghost types are strong against, I still managed to survive without fainting once. 

To be honest, I think the fact that this battle is a Double Battle helped a lot because I could burn two foes instead of one at a time, with Tinkaton then delivering the finishing blow by using Gigaton Hammer. It’s a damning move with 100% accuracy and 160 Power. 

Ryme Gym Leader Rewards

Ryme will give you TM114 Shadow Ball, a Ghost type move that has 80 Power and a 20% chance of lowering your opponent’s Special Defense Stat. 

As always, you’ll get a badge for your troubles, and Pokemon up to Level 55 will now obey you. 

Just one more Gym Leader to go, folks. It’s getting intense!

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