Grid Studios Turns Old Broken Retro Tech Into Pieces Of Art

PSP Grid

We’re always sad to see broken and old technology get thrown away like it was nothing but a useless ornament wasting space.

A company known as Grid Studios is trying to fight against this by creating impressive displays based around retro gaming products and old smartphones.

They were kind enough to send over some samples for us to unbox and we were blown away by the sheer quality, and presentation of their grids.

Grid Studios have a wide number of products, from the PSP 1000 all the way back to the original iPhone and even old Blackberry smartphones.

Our personal favourite has to be the PSP Grid, it shows off a handheld that was incredibly popular in the day, and is Grid studio’s only “retro gaming” product as of now.

After being on top of the home console industry the PSP 1000 was Sony’s decision to tackle the portable handheld market. It took PS2 quality games and put them in your pocket, wherever and whenever you wanted to play them.

It not only had games on the handheld, but it could also play movies, music and you could download games while surfing the web, it was truly a big step for the handheld industry.

The technology looks as if it floats on the back board but has been stuck down with industry grade glue. Out of the three products sent not one of them had parts which fell of in transit, which just goes to show how well these are made.

These travelled overseas and arrived in pristine condition, if something does come off, they even supply every grid with superglue just incase.

psp 1000 grid

The grids are even filled with information, specs and quotes from the CEO’s. It’s a refreshing way to give life to dead technology, and it’s nice to know that another PSP Grid has given life to a console that would have simply gone to landfill.

It’s like hoarding, but in an artistic way. The PSP Grid isn’t cheap, coming in at around $140, but the quality, and how good it looks in an office somewhat justifies the price in our opinion.

Don’t expect to rebuild it and start playing your best PSP games because that’s not going to happen, these are broken units, disassembled in a way to feel and look like art.

Grid Studios are doing great things in the space, they’ve been around for a while but we hope to see them move into more retro gaming products, perhaps Gameboys or even the SEGA Game Gear would be really cool!

You can check out Grid Studio’s product line here, or click the button below.

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