GPD Win 4 Handheld Has Leaked & It Looks Like A PSP On Steroids

GPD Win 4

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Have you guys been hearing rumors of the GPD Win 4? Us either!

Not a lot of information on the device online, besides the usual excited gamers with their personal guesses on what it might feature.

It was just yesterday (Aug 24) that two images leaked of the backside of the device. Yup, just the backside. But a nice backside, nonetheless.

That was mysterious indeed. But it gave us some clues of what to expect from the GPD Win 4.

Well now it’s less of a mystery, cause we can see it clear as day. And what we are seeing is looking pretty awesome!

So what do we know so far?

GPD Win 4
Images leaked on Twitter August 25, 2022 by user carygolomb

As we can see from the new images, the GPD Win 4 has a similar design to the GPD Win 3 with a screen that slides up to reveal a keyboard.

We could sort of make out this detail in the initial backside photos. But now that we can see the device from the front.. there it is.

Some users loved this feature, others were hoping the GPD Win 4 would do away with it. We don’t mind either way, it just makes for a specific kind of device.

GPD has other consoles with full keyboards that basically look like a small laptop. So if a bigger keyboard is your thing, look elsewhere.

Images leaked on Twitter August 24, 2022 by user carygolomb

They certainly made some changes to the ergonomics of the device, and gave it a nice grip that looks similar to that of the AYANEO Air. This is a change we are happy to see.

And speaking of AYA, this new GPD Win device will share the market space with the upcoming AYANEO Slide as well. Will be interesting to see how they compare.

And last… we see a few obvious similarities to the aesthetic of the PlayStation Portable. And we are not mad at that, at all.

GPD Win 4 Specifications

No official specs have been shared from Shenzhen GPD Technology Co. themselves.

If you look at their Twitter account, you can see that they clearly have a close eye on technology. They post complicated comparisons and benchmark charts.

Fancy stuff… the kind of stuff you hope your console makers know more about than you do.

So gamers eager for the GPD Win 4 should know that its development has been in good hands.

The GPD Win 3 featured a Intel Core i7-1165G7 CPU and a Intel Iris Xe GPU with 16gb of LPDDR4x-4266 RAM.

That device sold for $799 (Standard Version) and $899 (Advanced Version). Which made sense, because these are basically powerful gaming PCs.

GPD Win 4
Images leaked on Twitter August 24, 2022 by user carygolomb

To guess the specs of the new GPD Win 4 would be exactly that.. a guess. But obviously they will want to best their previous offering, and also give us something that competes with newer devices on the market like the Steam Deck.

It’s been a year and a half since the release of the GPD Win 3, so the team over in China has had a lot of time to make improvements and watch the market.

The only rumored spec we have seen as of yet is a AMD Ryzen 7 6800U Mobile Processor. And the screen appears to be slightly larger than the previous model (maybe six inches?).

We do anticipate a device coming in around $999 and a possible pro model at around $1199 considering similar devices on the market are going for those kind of prices. GPD surely wants a piece of that pie.

We have no doubts they will deliver one of the most impressive Handheld Gaming PC’s of the year.

For now, we wait.

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