AYANEO Slide Is An Upcoming Windows PC With A Sliding Display & Keyboard


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If you read gaming news, it’s likely that you’ve seen “AYANEO” floating around social media recently, this is because they have released some very nice portable handhelds over the last year.

Their most recent is the AYANEO Air, the world’s first OLED portable handheld PC which we are currently in the process of reviewing.

I can confirm it’s very impressive and the build quality is beyond superb, perhaps one of the best handheld gaming PC’s on the market today.

AYANEO have teased an upcoming handheld called the AYANEO Slide, another portable gaming PC with a slight difference.

Heck, they need some innovation because they’ve announced close to 10 handhelds this year including the AYANEO NEXT 2, the AYANEO Flip and more, so why not make one with a sliding display hey?

The AYANEO Slide is estimated to launch at the end of the year according to AYANEO, but I am guessing that may be a little early, seeing as they still have lots of products to ship before they even start the pre-order process of the Slide, but time will tell.

As you can see the Slide features a sliding display between a gamepad that features a full QWERTY keyboard hidden away behind the screen.

This will come in handy when setting up your device, when talking to friends, or if you want to use it as a fully fledged PC on the go.

If they use some of the same buttons as the AYANEO Air then I can say it will likely feel great, especially if they replicate the large, springy shoulder buttons, but from the image below, it looks like it will be completely new shoulder buttons.

It’s likely not to be as thin as the AYANEO Air. From what we can tell it looks like they are making different handhelds that have different unique selling points.

The Flip has the clamshell design, the AIR is thin/light and my guess is that the Slide is going to be one of the only devices that features a sliding display with a full keyboard built-in.

In terms of specs there is no official information but it is rumoured to launch with an AMD Ryzen 7 6800U APU and LDDDR5-6400 RAM.

This will make it slightly more powerful than their current line-up, but with the competition being high it’s likely competitors will be hot on their tail!

As of 21st August it is rumoured that the AYANEO Slide will feature a 6″ display and likely come in a wide number of different colours, just like the AYANEO Air.

It’s also likely that there will be limited edition variants with different specs and different designs. AYANEO seems to like adding a wide number of choices for their customers, even if it may make the shipping process more complicated for them.

This is one of the upcoming handhelds that we can’t wait to test.

As of now this is the only information we have, and we will update this article with more information once we receive it.

Update January 18th 2023

Image Source: AYANEO

AYANEO went live on their Youtube to give us a detailed look a the new Air Plus.

Sadly, the portion of the presentation dedicated to the Slide was much shorter and had very little info worth mentioning.

They did indicate we should anticipate a Q2 launch, and mentioned a next-gen 7000 series CPU.

We did get a very detailed look at the Slide at all angles, but until further notice, we are still a bit in the dark about internal stats.

Update August 29th 2022

ayaneo air slide white

It seems more images have been revealed of the AYANEO Air slide, most being in a new white colour, just like the AYANEO Air that we have finished reviewing.

This also gives us an insight into how the handheld looks in the hand, and straight off the bat, it is very similar sizing to the AIR, but instead there is a large qwerty keyboard hidden under the screen and large grips with stacked shoulder buttons.

The AIR is the lightest and thinnest of their collection, so we’re certain this is going to be far heavier, and less portable, which seems obvious after looking at these images!

ayaneo slide keyboard

The menu buttons are also similar to their other handhelds, featuring a large AYANEO button that takes you to their custom launcher for quick access to settings.

It also looks like the screen can be tilted at a number of different angles when fully extended, making different viewing experiences slightly easier, but prepare for a lot of broken hinges AYANEO!

A keyboard will certainly come in handy when setting up these devices, as mentioned in our Air review. It can be slide away when playing games too.

We’ll update this article with more information once we receive it.

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