Gotta Cook ‘Em All With Pokemon X Le Creuset Collaboration Dropping In July

A selection of cookware from the Pokémon X Le Creuset collaboration

If there’s one thing that I love more than gaming, it’s eating. I come from an Italian family, which means I’m no stranger to being in the kitchen cooking up a storm for people as well as being on the receiving end of incredible dishes whenever we have a big family gathering. I know how important food is in the family dynamic, what it means to cook something with a loved one, and how you can pass on your love for others through a great bowl of pasta. I also know that so many people find cooking mind-numbingly boring and need a bit of inspiration to get in the kitchen, which is where this Pokemon X Le Creuset collaboration comes in!

Pikcahu kettle and pot Le Creuset, with a master ball plate
Credit: The Pokémon Company/Le Creuset

Yes, the cookware giants have teamed up with the Pocket Monsters for an incredible collaboration to bring their iconic brand of ceramic and cast iron cookware to budding chefs in certain countries in their first release wave. I can’t think of anything more exciting than watching a parent or guardian pulling a Pika-themed pot out of the over; these pieces will make meal times even more fun, and instead of catching Poké Balls, you’ll be catching smiles and happy bellies.

One of my favourite things in the set has to be the Pikachu-inspired kettle (we drink a lot of tea in England), but I’m also a big fan of the Master ball dipping plate too. And who wouldn’t want to have a Pokémon-themed cup and plate set with matching rice bowls? I love cooking rice dishes and making my own sushi, and who wouldn’t want to eat from a Master Ball… or a Master Bowl…

Pokémon themed cups and saucers from Le Creuset
Credit: The Pokémon Company/Le Creuset

Then there’s the swish-looking Marmite Pot, all black with Pokémon motifs running across it. No, a Marmite pot has nothing to do with the spread that you either love or hate (I coincidentally love it) – it’s actually a French pot lid with grips on each side. Marmite just stole the name, and don’t worry if you didn’t know this as I only found out when I searched it while writing this article!

Pokémon Marmite pot and Pika pot from Le Creuset
Credit: The Pokémon Company/Le Creuset

The set launches July 17th, 2024 in Japan, Asia, South Africa, and Oceania, so you don’t have long to wait. There’s another wave coming in 2024 so I’m keeping everything crossed for a European release then, otherwise I’m going to have to pay a fortune for shipping from Australia (and I don’t fancy my chances of getting ceramic pots here in one piece!).

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