Google’s Newest Easter Egg Brings Minecraft To Your Search Page

Minecraft Google Easter Egg 15 Years

Minecraft fans are rejoicing this week as Microsoft and Mojang Studios celebrate 15 years of the world’s best-selling video game, giving us all little treats to wake up and discover both in the game and, as we’ve discovered this morning, on the web too. I haven’t been this excited since Apple launched their 12 Days Of Christmas app giveaways (something I’m still bitter about after they discontinued it).

The Google homepage has played host to some great Easter Eggs over the years. Searching ‘Super Mario Bros’ and ‘Pac-Man’ still brings up little games and secrets to discover, and now Minecraft is the latest game to feature. I guess Google couldn’t resist joining in with celebrations for the world’s biggest video game, and we don’t blame them!

Typing 'minecraft steve' into google

By searching for ‘Minecraft’, ‘Minecraft Dungeons’, ‘Minecraft Steve’, or ‘Minecraft Bedrock Edition’, then you’ll bring up a little Minecraft grass block at the bottom of the screen, Clicking on the block brings up a familiar arm on the right-hand side of the screen.

Testing out the google minecraft easter egg

Clicking on Steve’s arm will kick him off turning sections on the right-hand side of the page into colorful Minecraft images. I’ve tried it a few different times now and had different results every time, and while it only works with images on the very right of the screen, it’s still super cool.

Clicking off the Minecraft Google Easter Egg gives you another surprise too, but I’ll leave you to find that one out for yourself!

15 Days Of Fun

Minecraft is 15 years old today
Credit: Xbox/Mojang Studios

Xbox and Mojang studios are celebrating in style by giving us all freebies for character creation, coins to spend in the Minecraft Marketplace, and much more. It’s a nice way to give something back to the players who have put the game where it is today and made it a global phenomenon, as well as giving us a little bit of procrastination while scrolling through the internet.

Minecraft has sold over 300 million copies to date, making it the undisputed champion in the world of gaming, a title that will no doubt continue to dominate for the next 15 years too!

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