Minecraft Is 15 Years Old, And Xbox Have Planned 15 Days Of Celebrations & Gifts

Minecraft is 15 years old today

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When the world’s best-selling video game has a birthday, you’ve got to celebrate in style. I know friends who drag their birthdays over a whole weekend, so putting two weeks aside for a title that has sold over 300 million copies seems justified, especially considering the fact that Xbox has some nice treats and surprises in store for us.

Minecraft has become a worldwide phenomenon. Arriving into the world in 2009 and dropping on the Xbox 360 back in 2011, it’s now featured on pretty much every console including the Nintendo Switch, giving fans the ability to take the action out of the house and both build and survive on the go.

Still, you didn’t come here for a history lesson; you came here to find out what freebies you can get your hands on. According to Windows Central, Xbox and Mojang Studios are creating 15 days of deals and themed gifts for players to enjoy, most of which will assumedly be available from within the Minecraft Marketplace itself. We do know that players will get a free Character Creator item every day, providing 15 new items in total to celebrate 15 years of Minecraft being such a popular gaming powerhouse.

Block Out The Next 15 Days On Your Calendar!

The teaser trailer for the Minecraft Birthday Bonanza tells us to download, share, and enjoy the gifts they’re about to bestow upon us, with other words like ‘watch’ and ‘play’ thrown out there to whip us into a blocky frenzy. If it’s anything like how Sega does milestone celebrations, then we could be about to witness something big dropping from Mojang Studios and Xbox…

We already know that the Tricky Trials Update is bringing some epic new paintings and music later this year, but that’s nowhere near as intriguing as what I might be receiving over this 15 day period. I’ve also found out that as of today, players can get 500 minecoins to spend on items in the Minecraft Marketplace (thanks VG247).

The celebrations start today (May 15th, 15 years… it’s all making sense now huh?) and will run until May 29th. Players can ‘Log in every day to collect the full set’ and tune into the Instagram stories on the Minecraft Instagram page every day to see the items as they’re announced. You can keep up to date with everything that’s happening and get more information from the Minecraft website too!

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