Game Gear Micro Revealed To Celebrate 60 Years Of Sega

game gear micro

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If you’re a 90s kid that can’t get enough of collecting things, blue-speedy hedgehogs, and pint-sized-portable-consoles, then the news of the Game Gear Micro will make you feel like your birthday has come early.

Sega might have stopped making consoles and concentrated on games since the fall of the mighty Dreamcast, but they’ve been reinstating themselves in the minds of gamers through the Classic Mini series.

First the Sega Mega Drive Mini, rumours of the Dreamcast Mini, and now this, the Game Gear Micro, a handheld that Bilbo Baggins would be ‘proud-feet’ of (Hobbit fans; you’re welcome).

Checking Out The Game Gear Micro!

What’s It All About?

Unlike our loincloth wearing friend Gollum (that could also be Steve from accounting), Sega aren’t concentrating on one Game Gear Micro to rule them all. This classic 90’s portable powerhouse has been downsized to the point where you would need elf-eyes to use it and comes in four colours.

You might be a fan of all of the best Sega Game Gear games that came out for the console, but if you want to play your favourites, you’re going to have to collect them all Ash Ketchum style. Each coloured console has different games.

What Is The Difference Between The Sega Game Gear Micro Colours?

Game Gear Micro in a palm. Small console

Here’s everything that we know.

  • Black: Out Run, Puyo Puyo Tsu, Royal Stone, Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Blue: Baku Baku Animal: Sekai Shiikugakari Senshuken, Gunstar Heroes, Sonic & Tails, Sylvan Tale
  • Yellow: Nazo Puyo: Arle no Roux, Shining Force, Shining Force II, Shining Force: Final Conflict
  • Red: Columns, The G.G. Shinobi, Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible, Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible Special

Straight off the back, I’d be going for the Red Game Gear Micro, closely followed by the other three about a second later.

Now don’t go thinking that you can’t grab one of these Game Gear Micro consoles if your eye’s are as small as Frodo Baggins’ buttonholes. Sega know the screens are small, something we’re prepared for when the Gameboy Mini drops, but there is a solution.

Is There A Bundle Gift?

I’m glad that you asked! If you buy a set of all four consoles at once (which I reckon a lot of people will), then you will receive something called a ‘Big Window Micro’. Some of you might remember the Big Window accessory that Sega brought out back in the ’90s. Well, this is the same thing, just a micro version!

Game Gear Micro big window

The Big Window Micro magnifies those iddy-biddy characters and makes them bigger, so even old-timers like Saruman will be able to see what they’re doing.

How Much Will The Game Gear Micro Cost?

The Sega Game Gear Micro is set to launch on October 6th. All of the images that we have received have Japanese branding on them, but the handheld is expected to launch globally at the same time.

 The cost of the console for Japanese gamers will be ¥4,980, which roughly equates to around $50 / €50/£44 (thank you, Siri).

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