FunKey S Gets New OS Upgrade With 60Hz Refresh Rate

FunKey S

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Today the makers of our favorite micro emulation console, the FunKey S, announced a brand new OS upgrade.

It’s quite incredible to see that the team behind this teeny-tiny console are still finding ways to make it perform even better.

The FunKey S was already a pretty impressive performer. To have a device that small that could comfortably play Playstation games was nothing short of a miracle.

And this performance feat is due to the tireless efforts of the Funkey team and the work they put into the software for the FunkeyS.

FunKey S OS Update

Today’s update brings a few small feature improvements.

But perhaps the most important upgrade is bringing the refresh rate up to 60Hz.

Going from 50Hz to 60Hz is enough to get a noticeable smoothing out of game play.

And as FunKey says: “Beware, once you try it, you never go back!”

The OS update also brings playlist support, which means you can now create Favorites lists.

The list of key improvements are as follows:

  • Improved refresh rate 50Hz > 60Hz
  • Better CPU management
  • More performance for your games
  • Longer battery life

Full list of additions and improvements available on the github page.

The FunKey S is now in it’s firmware 2.3.0 release.

FunKey S

FunKey S

The FunKey S never fails to make a top [insert anything here] list. And quite obviously makes an appearance on our Best Mini Retro Handhelds list.

With FunKey still being active on social media, being good about talking with the community, and responding to messages from users, we like to show love to them and let people know that they are a good company to support.

And with new “Mystery” colorways being released, they keep giving us more reasons to support them!

So if you do not have a FunKey S yet and enjoy playing retro games on a handheld the size of a piece of cheese, then now is the time to jump on the chance.

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