Unique Twist on Tetris “From Below Pocket” Available for Pre-Order Now

From Below Pocket

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A unique twist on Tetris called “From Below Pocket” has just launched pre-orders for a new physical release on the Nintendo Game Boy.

We’ve seen Game Boy releases explode recently, with awesome titles like Grimace’s Birthday, The Mayor of Sanctuary, Aaling The Ghost, and even a re-release of the classic Trip World to name just a few.

So if you’re the proud owner of an original Game Boy, or you’re currently building your physical cartridge collection for your Analogue Pocket… you’ve got plenty of great options.

From Below Pocket

From Below Pocket

From Below is an original game developed by Matt Hughson, originally launched as a homebrew project for the NES. It is a new take on a familiar puzzle title we all know and love.

And Matt Hughson has spent the past couple of years porting his game to handheld form for those of us who prefer our games on the go.

From Below Pocket offers Tetris-like block puzzle game play, where you are also being slowly attacked from the bottom of the board by a mischievous sea monster.

The quicker you can clear lines, the quicker you’ll send the nasty Kraken back to the depths and away from your precious castle.

From Below Pocket

You can enjoy this puzzle title for hours upon hours with several unique game modes. Play solo or against friends in two-player battles via the Game Boy’s Game Link Cable.

The game is compatible with the original monochrome Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and the Super Game Boy for the SNES.

Purchasing Information

From Below Pocket

From Below Pocket physical edition for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color is currently available for pre-order until October 16th.

You can order your physical copy exclusively at FromBelowGame.com for $59.99USD.

And the digital ROM version is available right now on itch.io for $4.95USD.

By popular demand, Matt Hughson has also brought back the NES version of the game in physical format as well.

So as you can see, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this awesome re-imagining of a classic retro title.

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