Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Collection with Parco

Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary

Square Enix has teamed up with Japanese retailer Parco for a special Final Fantasy 35th anniversary collection.

Admittedly, I had to do some research on Parco. I had heard the name before, but did not know exactly what they were all about.

Parco is a department store in Japan that provides a space for retail and art.

So basically a really cool mall that hosts some of the best game related brands like Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, Capcom, and – you guessed it – Square Enix.

Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary

It’s been quite the busy year for the Final Fantasy franchise.

Final Fantasy VII just had its 25th anniversary celebration, and Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy VII Day is now an official holiday in Japan.

And Final Fantasy Tactics is also celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

The first entry in the Final Fantasy series was released for the NES on December 18, 1987. That makes this year the 35th anniversary of its game-changing release. Pun intended.

Square Enix and Parco plan to hold special in-store events to help celebrate the 35th anniversary.

In fact, they are holding a special event in Tokyo on March 1st to show off some of the new products in person.


It should go without saying that we are big fans of branded merchandise from our favorite gaming franchises, and this is no exception. New Final Fantasy gear is something we would not miss out on.

I also have the special privilege of actually being in Japan right now, so I can probably head to my nearest Parco and see it in person for myself!

Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary
Image Source: Square Enix / Parco

If you’re not in Japan, you can grab some of the new Final Fantasy 35th anniversary collection merchandise online at the Final Fantasy X Parco webpage soon.

Let us know in the comments on Twitter which items you are looking forward to.

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