How Many Final Fantasy Games Are There?

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Final Fantasy is undoubtedly one of the most famous game series of all time, but just how many Final Fantasy games are there?

Can you remember the first time you picked up a humongous weapon and jumped into a turn-based battle with this series?

Just like the Zelda series, the FF canon keeps gamers completely hooked, continually reading news articles about upcoming releases and itching to get their hands on a new adventure.

The fan base is incredibly loyal too; I have friends who just continually run through the entire main series over and over, refusing to play anything else!

But enough chit chat; let’s get to it and discover how many Final Fantasy games are out there as well as some other juicy facts for you to tell your friends at parties.

How Many Final Fantasy Games Are There?

how many final fantasy games are there

As of Jun 2022, there are 95 Final Fantasy games. So far, that’s 15 main titles, 1 relaunch of Final Fantasy 14, 1 upcoming title in 2023, and 78 spin-off title on differing consoles.

Just soak that up a little bit… 95 games. That’s more than the Pokemon franchise!

Now don’t get me wrong, the spin-offs aren’t as popular as the main game series. Still, titles like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance have always gone down well at Retro Dodo towers and with our readers.

Who am I kidding; we love them all!

When Was The First Final Fantasy Game Released?

The First Final Fantasy game, simply known as Final Fantasy, was released in Japan in 1987.

Can you believe that at the time of writing, it’s been 35 years since Final Fantasy first arrived in our lives?

Well, I guess that’s not strictly true.

Final Fantasy first arrived in North American three years later in 1990. It took another 13 years before PAL gamers got their hands on it, however, with the PS1 copy of Final Fantasy dropping in 2003.

I know, so long to wait! By that time Japanese gamers were already on Final Fantasy XI: Online!

What Is The Best Order To Play The Final Fantasy Games In?

how many final fantasy games are there - what order to play them in

The truth is that there is no real order to play the Final Fantasy games in.

I know, you came here asking how many Final Fantasy games are there in the hope that I’d give you a big long list and a correct order for buying them in.

Still, the truth of the matter is that these games are all self-contained stories. You don’t need to play them from Number 1; us PAL gamers certainly didn’t!

It doesn’t matter if you jump in at Number 7 or take a punt at Number 14; you won’t get confused and you certainly won’t feel like you’ve missed a major plot twist.

What I would say is that Retro Dodo advises you play the main canon first before delving into the 78 spin-off titles. That’s just because the main series is where all the action is.

I clocked up so many hours on Final Fantasy X that it doesn’t bear thinking about!

What Are The 5 Best Selling Final Fantasy Games?

Final Fantasy VII, one of the best PS1 games, has sold over 24.3 million copies in all its versions and remakes, but after asking how many Final Fantasy games are there, you secretly wants to know which the other best selling games are, right?

After all, those are the ones that you should be checking out!

Well, now you know which order we would recommend playing them in, here’s the top 5 best selling games in the Franchise for you to make that you have in your collection.

  • Final Fantasy VII (all versions) – 24.3 million copies
  • Final Fantasy X & X-2 – 15.2 million copies
  • Final Fantasy XII series – 13.8 million copies
  • Final Fantasy XIII trilogy – 12.5 million copies
  • Final Fantasy XIV – 10.9 million copies

I think it’s safe to say that the Final Fantasy series is going to be around for a heck of a lot longer yet and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down!

When Is The Next Final Fantasy Game Releasing?

At the time of writing, Final Fantasy 16 has been given a release window of Summer 2023.

We know how these things work though; that window could be fixed, or it could be smashed right through with the game knocking back to 2024.

All we can do at this point is hope that nothing like a global pandemic shows up to screw with us… again!

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