What Are The Names Of The Female Gremlins?

If you’re a fan of the Gremlins, then you should already know how many female Gremlins there are, right?

If you don’t know the answer, and let’s face it, it’s pretty niche, then we’ve got the answer right here.

Find out all about the female characters from the films and how they met their miserable ends.

Well, all of them except one, that is!


female Gremlins - Greta

If we’re going to talk about the female gremlins, then we have to start with the main gal herself.

Greta is the most well-known female Gremlin of the bunch, even though it’s a small bunch.

If you can’t remember her from the first movie, that’s because she first appeared in Gremlins 2. She drank a female serum to make her even more feminine and attractive to men, but ended up being pretty aggressive!

When other Gremlins made a move on her, she’d attack them, apparently saving herself for Clamp Centre employee Forster.

She even appears in a wedding dress at the end of the movie, supposedly to marry him!

Out of all the Gremlins, she’s the only one to survive after they’re all killed.

I guess it’s lonely being the most famous (and now only) female Gremlin on the block!


Just when you thought the only Deagle you knew was Gollum’s mate from Lord of the Rings, one of the female Gremlins appears and changes everything.

We’re heading back to the first Gremlins movie this time and a Gremlin trying to make herself look like Mrs Ruby Deagle.

Deagle is referred to as a ‘she’ online and did everything possible to make herself look like the human character Mrs. Human Deagle, donning her wig, hat, gloves, and wearing lipstick.

This Gremlin went even so far as to change her voice to sound more like her human obsession.

Sounds a little creepy if you ask me.

Deagle sadly met her end in the movie theatre with Stripe… I won’t tell you know that ended, it’s still too raw.


female Gremlins - Christine

How many have you spotted the character that looks like Christine from Phantom of the Opera in Gremlins 2.

Again, as the Princess Gremlin is referred to as a she, we’re including her in our list of female Gremlins.

While Greta was getting all excited over Forster at the Clamp Center, Christine was spawning. Like all the rest of the Gremlins, she meets her maker at the hands of the Electric Gremlin at the end of the film.

Nurse Gremlin

Who could forget Nurse Gremlin too. Again, another Gremlin referred to as a she and her, the Nurse was charged with taking fluid from Vegetable Gremlin.

That guy is one weird looking dude!

As we know already, none of the Gremlins bar Greta lived after the mishap with the Electric Gremlin.

The sad part is that Nurse Gremlin got cut from the film cut from the movie. Still, we can see her plain as day above, so she’s still counting as one of our official female Gremlins!

Grace & Valerie – Female Mogwai

We can’t have a list of female Gremlins without talking about these two little Mogwai from Gremlins Gizmo for the Nintendo Wii and NDS!

Grace is a ‘very poised Mogwai’ who loves to play with toys and get her groove on, and Valerie likes to sing and juggle.

While there are four known female Gremlins, these are the only two female Mogwai in existence.

You heard it here first, folks!

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