Evercade Have Announced A New Larger Capacity Cartridge For More Modern Retro Games

An image from the promotional marketing for Evercade Giga Cart

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The Evercade has been a staple handheld here at Retro Dodo Towers for years now, and we thought that having the news of N64 titles like Glover coming to the fold was the best we were going to get for the device.

How wrong were we; the team behind Evercade has dropped a new cartridge specifically designed for larger retro games. If you’ve checked out our article on Cabbage detailing how N64 carts couldn’t hold much data, then you’ll already know that this will be designed more toward games that dropped onto CD.

Giga Carts can be identified by the badge on the front of the box. They’re bringing back memories of seeing the ‘Bulletproof Software’ badges on the original Game Boy boxes… a fact that made me think that the games were actually bulletproof when I was a kid.

Does this mean that we’re about to see PS1 and Sega Saturn titles heading to the Evercade? That would be the dream, right?

Speaking on their website, the Evercade team tells us that they’ve ‘always been honest with our community and they’ve always been honest with us. For us to produce a larger cart would mean a higher development and release cost, and the Evercade community has always been open to this if the reasoning behind it was so that they get more from the collection in the quality of the games provided. We believe we’ve found the right balance with Giga Cart.’

The Giga Cart logo
Credit: Evercade

Bigger Storage, But At What Cost?

Normal Evercade cartridges are currently priced at £17.99/$19.99/€19.99 on Amazon, and after reading the statement above, you might be thinking that the price would be doubling. According to Evercade, the cost of the new Evercade Giga cart will only be increasing by a few pounds (or dollars and euros) more, coming in at £22.49/$24.99/€24.99.

As for now, we don’t actually know what will be on the new Giga carts in terms of game content, but we do know that there will be two released this year. With the news that they’re going to be focused on the more modern era of Retro Gaming, our minds are racing to think what titles we could be seeing on Evercade screens this Summer. As always, you’ll hear the news here first as soon as we get more information!

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