You Can Now Play Gameboy Games On The Steam Deck

We’ve got some epic news for all the Steam Deck fans out there; you can now play Gameboy games from the DMG, GBC, and GBA on Steam Deck via the Epilogue GB Operator!

Just let that sink in a minute; all the best Gameboy Advance games, GBC classics, and DMG legends on your Steam Deck, to play anytime, anywhere, without a pocket full of batteries.

The Analogue Pocket hasn’t been the only console that’s been hard to get hold of recently. For many, grabbing a Steam Deck has been anything but simple, with people waiting for that glorious purchase invitation like Charlie Bucket searching for a golden ticket.

Still, now Valve has stipulated that anyone can get in on the action, which means it’s now time to grab the $50 game console for PC that hooks up to Valves Portable hero.

Good news; Epilogue has given Retro Dodo fans an exclusive 10% OFF using the discount code “RETRODODO” at check out!

As we all know, when it comes to handheld consoles, it’s the add-on extras and aftermarket customisation that keeps enthusiasts happiest.

Sure, the Steam Deck brings scores of popular titles into our grubby-little paws with more dropping every day. But, it’s the old titles like Pokemon Silver, Mario Kart Super Circuit, and Killer Instinct that we’re all really interested in.

I wonder if Valve ever considered that we’d be getting most excited about playing games form the 90s on their all-singing, all dancing console?

What Is The Epilogue GB Operator?

The GB operator is essentially a little device that reads your Gameboy carts, allowing users to play old game son PC and Mac.

And now, the Steam Deck!

The process is incredibly simple; users just download the software, open it up, slot a game in, and play.

But how does it pull off this wizardry?

Well, Epilogue used the mGBA emulator in the GB operator. It’s a solid emulator and one of the best GBA emulators around, just what we need for trekking through Johto on the Steam Deck.

How To Connect GB Operator To Steam Deck

Epilogue GB Operator Steam Deck - Retro Dodo GB Operator Review

Epilogue have confirmed that both the GP Operator and the Operator app both work perfectly on the Steam Deck, teasing us with a little photo of Super Circuit in action.

To hook your GB Operator up to your Steam Deck, simple plug any USB C to USB adapter into the top of the console, then plug your GB Operator into the adapter.

It’s that simple!

This is a major plus point for people who don’t currently have any PC games to play on the Steam Deck. All those Gameboy games that you were going to put on eBay now have a new lease of life.

We’re sticking Pokemon Sapphire on immediately!

Bear in mind that the Steam Deck doesn’t have amazing battery and using the Epilogue GB Operator is bound to drain it a little quicker.

Still, just look how crystal clear Mario Kart looks above; it’s worth scouring cafes and busses for a charging point like some kind of electricity-sucking Gollum to be able to play old Gameboy games at night without that bloomin’ worm light!

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