New Colour Screen LCD Digivices Launched As Part Of 25th Anniversary Celebrations

Two colour screen Digivices available to preorder as part of the new 25th anniversaty collection

Can you believe that Digimon is 25 years old? That’s fine if you can’t because we’re all in denial about it as well. We’ve loved watching the TV series and playing all of the games over the years, following our favourite Digital Monsters as they digivolved into incredible creatures.

And it’s not just the characters that have been evolving either; one of the most famous pieces of tech from the series has had an upgrade in the form of an LCD colour screen, enabling us to see our favourite monsters in glorious detail for the first time. They’ll be available as part of a Premium Bandai Exclusive Bundle launching this July-August that comes with extra features such as Bonus Cards, art books, accessories, and more!

Close up shot of the Digivice DX from the new 35th Anniversary collection

Just look at the detailing on this thing; runes and lights around the screen, see-through case; it’s the real deal, and the detailing in the graphics themselves is perfect. Just look at Agumon up there; he looks real enough to jump out and mooch around the city with me! Chosen Children, the Digimon Tamers of the world, will also appear in the background from time to time too, giving you a much more immersive experience than the devices of old.

Introducing the Digimon Adventure Digivice 25th COLOR EVOLUTION!

Promotional advert showing the two Digivices available in the DX range

As most of you Digimon fans will know, the first Digivice toy dropped back in 1999. This digivolved version uses the same design as the original unit but adds a rechargeable battery and vibration motor into the mix

The whole thing sounds much more like how I wanted the Tamagotchi to be back in the day; your Digimon are now more like your partners in crime on a daily basis, and you can interact with them much more, heading to detailed campouts and cooking sessions just like we do with our Pokémon on Sword and Shield for the Switch. Listen to lines of dialogue from your Digimon and battle with friends who also have a Digivice just like the good old days

Blue base model Digivice with colour screen showing Agumon on a beach.

From what I can gather, the new Digimon Adventure Digivice 25th COLOR EVOLUTION comes in three colours; the standard blue as shown directly above, and the DX models with transparent shells as shown further up this article. The devices come with a charging cable as standard as well as all the aforementioned promotional extras, making them perfect for avid Digmon collectors… or big kids like us who just want to play with them!

While pre-orders for the DX models have now closed, they are already popping up on eBay. The standard blue model shown above is still available to add to your cart on some sites, however, so keep your eyes peeled for more DX models dropping onto websites during the launch window this July-August.

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