Capcom Launches 40th Anniversary Website With Free To Play Retro Games

Capcom Town

Capcom has just launched the appropriately named Capcom Town website in celebration of their 40th anniversary.

The new website acts as an online museum commemorating all of the incredible video game titles to come from one of the absolute best in the business.

Games like Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, Ace Attorney, Mega Man and more all getting their due honors.

Capcom Town

Capcom Town
Image Source: Capcom

The Capcom Town website is not just a celebration for Capcom. It is us, the fans, who are receiving the gifts today. Because the Capcom Town website also features a ton of playable retro games.

In honor of some of their most acclaimed video games, Capcom has offered a bunch of titles you can play directly on your web browser.

The games currently available are as follows:

  • Rockman (Japanese)
  • Mega Man (English)
  • Street Fighter II (Japanese)
  • Street Fighter II (English)
  • Rockman 2 (Japanese)
  • Mega Man 2 (English)
  • Final Fight (Japanese)
  • Final Fight (English)
  • Rockman X (Japanese)
  • Mega Man X (English)
Capcom Town
Image Source: Capcom

We have seen ROMs that are playable directly on the web browser in the past.

In fact, there are entire websites dedicated to offering games in this format.

For example, we covered the Eclipse browser-based emulation website in our list of the best emulators for Chromebook.

It is cool to see the actual game’s owner offering some of their classics to the fans in an easily accessed format. Something we hope to see more of in the future.

We’re looking at you, Nintendo!

If you’d like to take a walk down history lane and see some of the awesome accomplishments of Capcom, check out Capcom Town now!

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