Can You Unlock Luigi In Super Mario 64?

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We all love Mario’s debut N64 adventure, but can you unlock Luigi in Super Mario 64. Charge up that poltergeist; were about to find out!

If you’ve got the DS version of this classic game, then Luigi can be yours without too much hassle.

Yes, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you’re only rocking the original N64 cartridge, you are about to very disappointed indeed.

So many people search for how to get Luigi in Mario’s 3D debut, but he only appears in the very bowels of the game code and can’t be used as a playable character. Yet for some reason people still search for ways to make him a reality.

I guess I keep hoping that Kermit the Frog is real too, so I can’t really judge…

Anyway, if you do have your DS in front of you and are ready to roll, then here’s how to add Luigi to your party.

Bowser doesn’t stand a chance once the gang get’s back together!

How To Unlock Luigi In Super Mario 64

If you’ve played Super Mario 64 on the DS, then you’ll already have experienced the shock when finding out that it’s not Mario that players use at first, but Yoshi!

Yes, everyone’s favourite clog-wearing dino takes the lead in this game, but if you want to unlock Luigi, you’ll have to unlock Mario first.

can you unlock Luigi in Super Mario 64 - Yoshi and Mario

Unlocking Mazza is simple. Get eight stars, jump into the Mario portrait, and defeat the boss inside.

Once you get the Mario key, open up his door and let him out. Now he’s yours to control!

As Signor Plumber, you’re going to need to head to the Castle Courtyard to find the Boos. It’s located at the other end of the long hallway that you find after leaving through the non-star doos in the main entrance hall.

Once there, bash the Boo with the entrance to Bg Boo’s Haunt inside it and enter the level.

Work your way through the level naturally, opening up areas as you go such as the steps to the upper landing. Once the landing is open, head through the door at the very right and find yourself in the same room that we all lost our minds trying to wall-kick in back in the N64 day.

can you unlock Luigi in Super Mario 64 - Mario floating up to the secret room with the portrait of Luigi

Instead of wall kicking, use the Red Hat box to float up into the air, making it much easier to reach Luigi’s Portrait and the entrance to Big Boo’s Maze!

Big Boo’s Maze & Battling Big Boo

Once through the Luigi Portrait, there’s some typical Mario-esque obstacles to solve as you make your way to yet another showdown with Big Boo. I guess Ghost’s don’t die, which is why this guy keeps coming back time and time again.

Like the Lost Woods and Saria’s Song, players need to listen out for the sound of Big Boo’s laughter if they are to successfully navigate the maze.

can you unlock Luigi in Super Mario 64 - Mario and Luigi's showdown with Big Boo

Once at the end, you’ll find yourself in front of a big mirror. Run up to it and see a cutscene where your reflection turns into Luigi. This is important, as you’ll need to use both Mario and reflection Luigi to attack Big Boo as he moves between this world and the mirror world.

Once he’s defeated, grab the Luigi key Head back to the door and unlock Mr Green himself!

And that’s a wrap!

Thank’s very much for checking out this article on can you unlock Luigi in Super Mario 64. We hope you’ve learnt something and managed to get a little further in the game.

Now all that’s left to do is find Wario… I wonder where he could be hiding?

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