Call Of Duty On Switch Finally Happening As Nintendo & Microsoft Finalise Deal

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I know you never thought you would hear those words, but Call of Duty on Switch is finally happening!

Listen, if you want to take the day off work to celebrate, then thats fine by us.

Speculations have been rising about more ties between Microsoft and Nintendo since the very first time a Switch appeared in plain sight in an Xbox live stream.

We know how Microsoft love giving their fans little teasers, and it looks like this epic merger could be the start of something beautiful.

Call of Duty will be coming to Nintendo consoles over a 10-year period once the Activision Blizzard acquisition closes.

That means all of the best Call of Duty games heading to Ninty’s hybrid-hero for portable play and docking to your TV.

What a day to be alive!

Here’s what we know about the merger and what Call of Duty coming to Nintendo means!

Call Of Duty On Switch – The Official Lowdown

The news that Microsoft and Nintendo have made a 10-year agreement for Call of Duty should really have been found wrapped up under our Christmas trees. For many of us, having these games on Switch could only make the best selling console of 2022 even better.

And give us even more reason to spend time playing on it!

The Nintendo deal was finalised in a meeting with Microsoft behind closed doors, though thankfully there weren’t any connotations of ‘The Red Wedding’ if Nintendo decided to disagree.

And 10 years is just the beginning; as Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer explains, no contract can say forever. Microsoft will undoubtedly monitor sales on the Switch and extend the contract once the term is up.

Don’t worry, 10 years is plenty of time before you need to start worrying about any of that.

Now, there’s pressure on Sony to reach a similar deal, though the PlayStation’s founders aren’t too happy about Microsoft taking over Activision Blizzard.

Microsoft have actually thrown down the gauntlet and publicly stated that when ‘Sony wants to sit down and talk, we’ll be happy to hammer out a 10-year deal for PlayStation as well’.

The line has been cast, but will Sony bite?

What Would Call Of Duty Be Like On Switch?

Call of Duty On Switch OLED gameplay

If you thought the new motion controls on Skyward Sword worked well, then get ready for pointing and shooting enemies on your TV with a slick new Joycon gun holder.

That’s what we want to see here at Retro Dodo Towers, using the Switch’s signature peripherals to make Call of Duty even more realistic, throwing gamers into the heart of the action.

Of course, the best Nintendo Switch controllers always suffice in these situations too, especially for the more serious gamers out there.

Graphically, we all know what the Switch can do. PS5 fans might be scoffing right now and saying that the series won’t look as good on the Switch.

Breath of the Wild… that’s all I’m going to say here.

I’m looking forward to kicking back with my OLED Switch, grabbing a beer, and playing the entire day long once I see Call of Duty on Switch for the very first time.

Are you excited about the new deal, and which Call of Duty games would you be most excited about playing once the series comes to Switch along with the promise of future exciting titles?

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